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Nothing to see here..
Nothing to see here
late, but i'll join everyone in saying ahk awesome.
what do you guys do about insoles coming unglued?
I think a large would work better for you.
mellowfellow awesome
I'm a 9.5 in clarks too and I got a 10 in the bluchers.
Quote: Originally Posted by drunkmonk36 I always size .5 down when buying Quoddy. ie- 10.5 Yuketen, 10us Quoddy. This has been my experience with both quoddy and yuketen.
Quote: Originally Posted by Uncontrol it's getting old man. get new material You know what else is getting old? You blowing up in every one of these stupid threads and causing more attention than they would have gotten otherwise..
skinny...muscular is overrated.
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