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yup, that's a good look kixslf. chrono and e0d9e39d with similar outfits but both look good.
Quote: Originally Posted by robbie I typically hate sandals, but somehow they work in this fit. I was totally expecting a 'Disco Sucks' tee; mostly because disco sucks. I remembered it was APC though, so it must be ironic on purpose or something. Disco doesn't rule to me either. Actually is my gf's shirt but it fits me and is comfortable.
Nothing to see here..
Nothing to see here
late, but i'll join everyone in saying ahk awesome.
what do you guys do about insoles coming unglued?
I think a large would work better for you.
mellowfellow awesome
I'm a 9.5 in clarks too and I got a 10 in the bluchers.
Quote: Originally Posted by drunkmonk36 I always size .5 down when buying Quoddy. ie- 10.5 Yuketen, 10us Quoddy. This has been my experience with both quoddy and yuketen.
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