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Whats the consensus on the ludlow suit vs. the aldridge? also how do the thomas mason shirts fit compared to the washed ones?
really like that shirt, man. everything fits pretty spot on as usual.
Quote: Originally Posted by snake Pants look like they're sitting too high up. Quote: Originally Posted by hendrix look perfect. too predictable dude
Didn't you just post this earlier today?
Quote: Originally Posted by Nil I'm not certain, but I'd put money down on it being APC. Gav seems to exclusively wear APC and they also had cardigans last season with that speckled pattern on it. Yeah, it's definitely APC.
Unfortunate to hear but I guess I'm glad I passed on a pair of those shorts earlier.
I like that folk shirt, kent. I'd give the sleeves a roll though. Seem a little long.
Quote: Originally Posted by Uncontrol 10/10 amazing Is this sarcasm? I don't get how you can rag on the "styleforum look" and think this is a 10/10. For the record I don't think it looks bad but just don't see what's so special about it.
yup, that's a good look kixslf. chrono and e0d9e39d with similar outfits but both look good.
Quote: Originally Posted by robbie I typically hate sandals, but somehow they work in this fit. I was totally expecting a 'Disco Sucks' tee; mostly because disco sucks. I remembered it was APC though, so it must be ironic on purpose or something. Disco doesn't rule to me either. Actually is my gf's shirt but it fits me and is comfortable.
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