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Yeah, it's a faded red and the 2nd picture is closer to the actual color. If you're familiar with the nantucket red color, then these will be what you expect.
2. J.Crew Dress Shirts sz M - $15 each p2p: 21.75 sleeve: 24.5 shoudler: 18.5 top to bottom: 30 3. EG Madras Cinch Back Shorts sz 32 - $80 4. WWM Navy Field Shirt Jacket sz M - $120
this is getting to be ridiculous lol...someone seriously needs to pick up that workshirt and make it stop temping me!
i know you've probably got your hands full, but any chance of posting sale inventory sometime soon?
digging the cord irvings. that jacket style's never caught my attention in the past.
maybe when fischer was being trained to defend himself against extractors, he was taught to try and just kill off the intruders so that he doesn't accidentally send himself into limbo just in case he happened to be sedated? the movie doesn't go into any detail but it seems to make sense to me.
how so?
they were all heavily sedated and killing everyone would send everyone to limbo. also, the film is about filmmaking and the entire thing was a dream up until the very end where leo wakes up on the plane.
^double-lol timpo - thanks for reviving this thread. the photos are nice and it looked like a fun trip.
Quote: Originally Posted by BrianVarick I love the fit of the Ludlow, but the Aldridge is still good if your going to be wearing it in a business setting. I'd like to go with the ludlow since I'm pretty sure it'd fit me better but are the small lapels pretty much unacceptable in a business/semi-formal setting?
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