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price drop
Price drop + pics added
If you want food you can't get in LA, you probably should go the bbq route like 1969 mentioned. I'd also go to a few food trailers since that's pretty big in the Austin scene these days. A few standouts are Odd Duck, Franklin BBQ, Flip Happy, Mighty Cone and Izzos Tacos. I have a feeling you'd be disappointed with the fine dining options in Austin. I think there are some great restaurants but I wouldn't say it's anything unique at all. However if you're looking for good...
price drop
1. J.Crew Dress Shirts sz M - $OLD 2. EG Madras Cinch Back Shorts sz 32 - $65 waist: 16 inseam: 10 3. WWM Navy Field Shirt Jacket sz M - $100 p2p: 22 sleeve: 25 shoulder: 18
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i think he's got a couple. pbandblunts or something like that is one of them.
Quote: Originally Posted by Cool The Kid Cause it's not another boring summer "MMM/Dior 17cm/GAT" fit damn the SF uniform has really upgraded from AA/APC/All-Stars.
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