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In case anyone's curious - I ended up just buying the soles from Quoddy ($35 shipped I believe) and bringing them to a local shoe repair shop. Total cost to repair was around $60-70.
SO I called in today and found out that Quoddy has increased their refurb cost to $130 and there's a 6-8 week lagtime. I remember paying $30 for this just a couple years ago....Anyways, has anyone tried to go an alternative route and used either another company or a local cobbler to do repairs? My bluchers (the standard chromexel/bricksole ones) badly need a resole so that's what I'm most interested in getting done.
Bought this years ago but never wore it and just found it again when cleaning out my closet. Looks like it was retailing for $265 when it was still in stock on J.Crew's website. Price includes shipping to US and Canada and I am open to offers as well. Measurements: p2p: 20.5 length: 23 Thanks for looking and PM me if you have any additional questions.
This is a small Woolrich Woolen Mills Field Jacket from Fall/Winter 2010 when Daiki Suzuki was still designing for the line. It has a heavy duty cotton ripstop outer, a wool lining, and a corduroy collar. The jacket has a black over-dye over a light blue fabric. It has been worn a number of times and there are places where the blue fabric is starting to show through the black over-dye but I believe that that is the intention of the design (think indigo denim). p2p:...
This is a size small Engineered Garments Shawl Collar Cardigan in Heather Grey Jersey. It's from one of their previous Spring/Summer collections. I've worn it a few times but it's still in great condition with no holes, rips, etc. Price includes shipping within USA and Canada. p2p - 18.5 shoulders - 17 sleeves - 25 top to bottom - 24.5 Keep in mind, the material has a decent amount of stretch in it. For reference, I am about 155lbs and 5'10 and this fits me, albeit a...
These shoes have been worn about 10 or so times but are still in great shape. Price is $50 shipped within the US but I am open to offers. I accept payment via PayPal only.
Beautiful shirt purchased from Blackbird Ballard. Unfortunately, doesn't fit me the way I like. P2P: 21 Shoulders: 18 Top to Bottom: 30 Sleeves: 25 Shirt is in great conditon with no marks or signs of visible wearing. Includes shipping within US and CAD. Please PM with any questions.
P2P: 20.5 Shoulders: 17.5 Top to Bottom: 27.5 Sleeves: 25.5 Full disclosure, I had the shirt shortened by about an inch and half. Shirt is in great conditon with no marks or signs of visible wearing.
SOLD Worn a handful of times but still in excellent condition. No marks or damage anywhere. P2P: 20.5 Sleeves: 25 Shoulders: 17.5 Top to bottom: 29.5 Price includes shipping to US and CAD. PLease PM me with any questions.
This was purchased brand new in a Marc Jacobs boutique in Paris. Size small but fits more like an extra-small. Shipping via USPS first class is included. P2P: 19 Shoulders: 16 Top to Bottom: 25
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