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thanks for the input. I will send Ricky the pics with my next order. Hopefully he can correct the problem.
So I've ordered about 8 shirts over the course the year from Jantzen. I think I've dialed in the fit but there is one problem I don't know how to fix. See attached photos. The yoke is not sitting flush with my shoulders in the area to the left and right of my neck. Can anyone recommend how I can ask Ricky to fix this or what needs to be changed in the measurements so this doesn't happen? My latest order is below. Thanks. Shirt Length: 31 Chest: 37 1/4 Waist:...
I have experience with LS and most recently Sanford Bryant. LS is definitely an American cut. Sanford makes a European fit. Without question Sanford's suit puts the LS suit to shame. I am most concerned about how the suit looks on me and am less concerned about the fully canvased or not fully canvased. The LS suit is fully canvassed vs. Sanford's being half-canvassed. Either way, Sanford's suit fit me perfectly and was amazing. I've never received more compliments wearing...
Does anyone have a discount code for Polo? I want to order a suit and was hoping for an extra discount. Thanks.
I stumbled upon this MTM program from another forum member mentioning they have used them. I am about to take the plunge on a suit and was deciding on who to use. I want a more European cut suit and have been unsure, from what I have read, if Mr. Ned could make a suit I would be happy with in this style. I've used LS in the past and was not 100% happy with the fit. Has anyone had experience with Sanford Bryant and give me more information than what I read on their...
I'm not that particular on the small detailing of the suit that they can produce. What I want to be sure of is that the jacket will have a flattering cut to my body shape. I am 6' and 170 lbs. Broad shoulders with about a 39 inch chest and a 32 inch waist. I want the jacket to accentuate my shape and not hide it with a "boxy"cut.
I called Izzy about what he thought about a slimmer fitting suit option and he suggested maybe I try Coppley. Any opinions on Coppley being able to make a slimmer fitting suit, suppresed waist, higher armholes, etc? Also, has anyone had experience with the newer H. Freeman model that offer a mrore "European" cut.
After reading many threads on the subject, I am faced with the decision of who to go to for my next MTM suit. I want a slimmer fitting, "European" styled suit. I have previous used LS and was not 100% pleased with the suit. Izzy used Gilberto for the jacket and Daro for the pants. I don't think I was specific enough with Izzy on the exact style/cut I wanted, so some of my dissatisfaction is probably my fault. I have recently read that H. Freeman has a new model that is a...
Quote: Originally Posted by Shirtmaven Shorten the yoke measurement by 1". That should solve some problems. You may also want to reduce the chest by an 1" Carl When you say shorten the yoke by 1", does that mean I reduce the shoulder measurement by 1" or do I need to specify to Ricky to shorten the yoke by 1"? Thanks for your advice.
Thanks. I think if I adjust the armholes this may the fix I need.
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