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I use Shout on the collars and cuffs. I don't soak them for a day before washing, however. I put the Shout on, then start the washer...after it's about half filled (a couple of minutes), I add the shirts. It seems to work just fine.
Shorts and a polo shirt for me. Sandals can sub for sneakers with your shorts, by the way.
I heard it was hot yesterday on the east coast, but it melted your shine?.?
Used to have more; most of mine are very inexpensive ($35-60). That way I don't feel so bad when they stop working, or when the crystal gets scratched.
I've been getting rid of some worn dress shirts--but still have probably 25 or so. Casual shirts about another 25.
Lindsay, I'm a little scared to ask this, but I can't stop myself...Just what do you think it means to be conservative?
Thanks for the heads-up on the sale; I grabbed three of the dress shirts last evening after work. One blue, one white, one blue/white narrow stripe.
A gray tweed or herringbone could look nice. I used to have a medium blue tweed sportcoat that looked good with blue trousers.
Some of you may or may not care to know that there is an increasing amount of research showing the chemicals in Teflon cause cancer in humans. The area around the Dupont plant in W. Virginia has enormous pollution problems as the chemicals have contaminated the local water supply. There are lawsuits by the plant employees etc. As a result, I'm trying to avoid Teflon in my clothing (and have gotten rid of most of my Teflon cookware).
Definitely jeans. Maybe gray flannels and chinos.
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