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Quote: Originally Posted by texas_jack You know all those kids stabbing each other? How'd you like it if they we're spraying tech 9 fire instead. That's what guns bring to your country. And once the cat is out of the bag there is no putting it back But if you shoot the cat first . . . .
C&J size 8E or AE size 8.5D. Interested in burnished calf but not in brown suede.
The collars are much better in the stills than they are in the film itself. Maybe someone pulled them down. Perhaps Geoffrey Rush's suits are supposed to fit badly, though they mostly do so only around the collar. The fit on the Duke of York, or worse on the Prince of Wales/Edward VIII, is hard to understand it is so bad. Perhaps they just went to M&S for the wardrobe for this one.
I wore a slightly darker brown suit yesterday with a white shirt, charcoal cashmere tie and black belt and shoes. I thought it worked really well. I have also worn it with burgundy calf belt and shoes but didn't like it as much.
Have you tried very light khakis or white flannel?
First, are you really in Harlem or just a Jelly Roll Morton fan? 'Cause if you are in Harlem, you aren't far from some really great shops. The A train runs both ways. If not, and those are your best options, then buy a few pieces that are the best of what your shops have to offer and find a decent alterations tailor and make sure they fit just right. Browse the pics here to see what the right fit is. If there is one thing that you can figure out here, it is what a the...
Go to and you can see the prices of suits, jackets and trousers made from the same fabric. It's about 1/3 trousers, 2/3 jacket.
What did Agnelli do? Anyone know if he had the pockets of his BB OCBDs removed or have them made without? Or did he just keep the pocket?
I have had good experiences with Not sure if they visit Toronto but I would be surprised if they didn't.
I think the issue you are going to have is trying to wear a pin the collar of a spread collared shirt. I would recommend going with the smaller collar bar but buying a point or tennis collar shirt from BB to wear it with.
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