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By the way, FIH is old-hat. The better way to tie the FIH that also cures the length problem is the double wrap FIH. Just do an additional twist during the tying process and shave off a few inches from the small end.
Quote: Originally Posted by aphextwin07 honestly was surprised to see this mentioned here, in the first post no less. definitely the best album i've heard so far this year. actually Miami Horror's Illumination is the best album i've heard all year but it came out in 2010. unfortunately I missed Destroyer a couple months back cuz it was raining out and i was sick and just didn't feel like getting over to the show, biggest regret so far this year....
I thought this threak was going to be about my ex-girlfriend's vag.
Bruce is a couple of inches taller than me. I wouldn't have it any other way.
I find it to be an extremely affected look. I would not recommend. That said, we need to know more about your background. Are you going clubbing with "hip young people" trying this look? That would be fine. If you are trying to wear a suit with class in a business setting, no, don't do it.
I can't get over how good Kaputt by Destroyer is. What are your 2011 faves?
Needs more calculator.
Does anyone who keeps up with medical news know if it is possible to get genetically tested for the immune gene and how much that would cost?
Hello how can I lose my virginity? Thanks.
It somehow went from "Get shit you actually want for half price...if you're fast enough" to "get shit you don't really want at a worse price than you can get if you look around a little...but you won't b/c hey we're GILT!".
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