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Hello all. I am thinking of starting a business. This business will have zero profit and be 110% legal. In fact, the idea will seem stupid to you if you have half an inkling of common sense. But my question is not on whether it is a sound business plan. My question has to do with legalities and tax implications.  Illustrative example of business: 1) Business purchases Widget X from itself at the retail price of $10. Total business expense = $10.  2) Business receives...
Some of my faves are the early 90s guys who got the jazzy thing down to a science, like Large Pro, Q-Tip, and J Dilla. Of the more recent ones, really only El-P stands out, especially on the Cannibal Ox album (Cold Vein). I guess you gotta throw Dr Dre in there for creating a sound that stuck around for what seems to be forever. Who are your favorite hip hop producers? Oh, and does anyone have any recs on the best J Dilla material? Thanks.
Bron-Y-Aur Stomp.
The problem with these types of threads is that it is difficult to distinguish between the noise (of all the minor requests) and the really big issues that all members can agree on. One way to get around this would be to make a big list of issues people list, put them in a poll, and ask posters to vote for the ones they most want to see amended. That way precious mod/programmer/Huddle time would not be wasted on tweaks that only irk one or two posters. By far, the largest...
Like a boss.
Randy Moss was one of the most fun players to watch in NFL history. If he is really hanging up his cleats, then he will be missed. Most talent of any WR that's ever played, save perhaps JR.
I would like to extend a cheerful hello to the mods.
PM on 13.
Quote: Originally Posted by svd Looks nice but sounds like an awfully expensive book-reading experience. Thanks for the suggestions so far, all.
Quote: Originally Posted by Piobaire Best "romantic" gesture gone hellishly wrong I have observed first hand: Crowded bar, right after midnight NYE, guy stands up on a chair and gets everyone's attention. He then sits a girl down on said chair, gets on one knee, and proposes. She bursts into tears and runs into the ladies' room screaming, "NO! NO! I can't believe you did this to me! NO I CAN'T MARRY YOU!" This is what I mean when I say "romance"...
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