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I think I read that in middle school. It's by the same guy that wrote Encyclopedia Brown, right?
Dude, I'm not the one starting Cowboys threads proclaiming eternal hope on SF each season. That's the funny part. Not the fact that the Skins suck. Plenty of teams suck. But you guys relish in it and set yourselves up for such a disappointment at the start of each season.
I love these threads each year. I love how you guys have such overblown hopes, and how each and every year you end up around 4-12 or 5-11, desperately searching for excuses like a blind man punching in the dark. I get a sick satisfaction out of the whole spectacle.
Great book. I remember The Thing scaring the shit out of me. I remember The Big Toe being kind of lollerific. And The Viper being really silly/stupid. The illustrations were sick in a good way.
Lol there is no way the Colts finish the required 3-13 to get Luck. Forget it. Especially if Manning plays the last month or two.
Secondary sucks bad. D-line will be good, particularly now that new D-Coord Rob Ryan has unleashed D-Ware to play wherever he wants on any play. Kicker will be mediocre at best. Offense should be great. All in all, if they get the breaks, 10-6 is doable. Of course, injuries can derail that in a hurry. But yeah, I love the RB (Felix) and the WRs (Austin/Bryant). Witten is always solid. This will be an explosive bunch if the newbs on the line can keep Romo healthy.
DH Lawrence - Lady Chatterley's Lover
Epic fix. Thanks. Makes it so much more readable.
Thanks Blackhood. In essence I am trying to create a vehicle (or vehicles) in which I can purchase assets from myself. There is no catch and nothing shady. Would some sort of investment vehicle be a smarter approach? The net returns would end up being zero.  I know this is bordering on way to technical legally for a message board, but what the hell, it's worth a shot. 
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