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A pivot table would make it super easy. Just filter by day on the top and look at the top stores below.
Dude, in all honesty, this is such an old school misleading stat. Just like "wins" in baseball for a pitcher. Wins are a team statistic. If Manning threw for 400 yards and went 25/25 in every playoff game, but his defense fucked up and his RB fumbled twice and his special teams had a FG blocked and his team lost, would that be "choking"? You cannot look at just statistics, but you also cannot look at just wins when rating a player. The game is not in the QB's hands on...
Actually Romo is quite good at leading a team down the field in the last two minutes. I would know since I have honestly seen every one of his games in the NFL (really). No excuses for Sunday night, but just saying. The perception of players is largely influenced by the media and the sample bias of the moments we as fans have witnessed ourselves. He has had a couple of gaffs in big televised moments that have led to his labeling as an unclutch player. It isn't necessarily...
Dude, where's my diploma?
Romo gets way too much heat because he tends to mess up in a few big televised situations. If it wasn't for the botched hold against Seattle, chances are the reputation that he now has would have never begun for him.That said, he was a big part of the problem against the Jets. The fumble in particular. You cannot give away 3 points when you are up 7 in the 4th. You just can't.
Dude, go back to school or something, lol. Hugo definitely wrote both. In fact, IIRC many of the Les Miserables chapters were actually standalone Encyclopedia Brown stories compiled into novel format.
That fourth quarter was painful to watch. Being a Mets/Cowboys fan is probably the shittiest combination possible over the last decade.
Is it too late to take this back?
Easy. Buy a slingbox, install it at an American friend's house that lives near DC, pay him $5 a month for his troubles and his extra cable box, and enjoy all his american television channels for eternity.
I thought the all caps and intentional misspelling of words gave away that my predication was largely tongue-in-cheek. But I forget, we aren't in DT and poasters in this neck of the woods may not be as finely attuned to these context clues.
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