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It's all about WAR. WAR normalizes for the fact that pitcher's play fewer games.
True, but the offensive players this year aren't nearly as impressive this year as they were that year.That said, Pedro's 2000 season was undoubtedly significantly better than Verlander's this year. I mean, 1.74 ERA. WHIP of .737...is that some kind of joke? .737? That is unheard of in modern times.
Not to mention that he leads (and dominates) the AL in the two stats that really matter: ERA and WHIP. He has a .92 WHIP. Are you kidding me? .92?
Gotta give the AL MVP to Verlander. Guy is laughably good right now.
I suppose we can agree that a player's legacy is not always fair. But results are all that matter. And I do appreciate your statistical sleuthwork.
Using words like "assertion" and "predicated" do not help mask the fact that your point is based on an undefinable term in "clutchness". Do you mean clutchness as in leading drives down the field with 2 minutes or less? Or what exactly? In your last sentence, you again make a logical fallacy in equating "winning" in the postseason with being "clutch".Answer me this: are you an "unclutch" QB if you lead your team down the field to take the lead, but leave a minute on the...
I would think you are being facetious if you weren't Edina.I'm intrigued that you think Brandon Jackson and James Starks are better running backs than Barry Sanders. But let's just leave it at that. I don't think we will see eye to eye on this at any point in the near future.
Hahaha. I love it when Edina joins an argument because it nearly always invalidates the viewpoint he sides with.
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