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Gilt jumped the shark a while ago.
Sad, really.
Quote: Originally Posted by Patek However, I also wear a Tag when playing with the dogs or working on the racecar, so I'm not a total...
Clink if sitting close to each other. If it requires some kind of strange stretch to reach, do not clink, simply raise.
1) Idealists 2) Realists or 1) Thinkers 2) Kool-aid drinkers 3) People who want to be thinkers but are too dumb
Quote: Originally Posted by Kent Wang I don't know about Ho Chi Minh. I was just there recently and was quite excited about going but it was very disappointing, like a third tier Chinese city. At least the food was good. Not at all like Shanghai or Beijing. IMO, Saigon is good eating + good partying. Not much "culture" compared to other major cities. Though the rest of Vietnam makes up for that part.
Quote: Originally Posted by wootx ^ well that is quite simplicistic, since it's not a perfect cilinder. a more exact approximation would be to calculate its volume by considering the shaft a simple cilinder, whereas the head is more similar to a praboloid. to calculate the volume of the shaft (shaft stuffage?) V₁: V₁ = πG₁²ℓ₁ to obtain the volume of the head V₂: V₂ = (πG₂²ℓ₂)/2 this yields the total volume V is: V = πG₁²ℓ₁ +...
I still play SkiFree occasionally.
There are really only a few reasons that "world class" cities, or redefined, large cultured cities, are better than small cities: 1) Culture - If you make a point of it, you can see some really great art in NYC every day and never run out of new exhibits. 2) Convenience - Things are open late and every store under the sun is within 30 minutes. 3) Jobs - For certain industries, you need to be in a top city to get to the top, if that is your goal 4) Food -...
Quote: Originally Posted by MSSneaker Most people that buy clothes with nice fabric don't dry them. Therefore, if you wash it on gentle cycle/cold, there will be little to no shrinkage. Seems perfectly logical to me. Do I look like a housewife? I don't have time for cutesy drying techniques.
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