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Needs more calculator.
Does anyone who keeps up with medical news know if it is possible to get genetically tested for the immune gene and how much that would cost?
Hello how can I lose my virginity? Thanks.
It somehow went from "Get shit you actually want for half price...if you're fast enough" to "get shit you don't really want at a worse price than you can get if you look around a little...but you won't b/c hey we're GILT!".
Gilt jumped the shark a while ago.
Sad, really.
Quote: Originally Posted by Patek However, I also wear a Tag when playing with the dogs or working on the racecar, so I'm not a total...
Quote: Originally Posted by NameBack Side-note: who the hell doesn't bring in-ear-monitors with excellent isolation with them on a long trip? +1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 Quote: Originally Posted by imageWIS I don't know if you have ever been on the 6 train in NYC, but then worlds best sound-dampening doesn't seem to block out the 4-man a cappella group, or the 5-man mariachi band that come to...
Clink if sitting close to each other. If it requires some kind of strange stretch to reach, do not clink, simply raise.
Quote: Originally Posted by Eason A win for society. My brother once threatened to kill a Chinese man with a beer-bottle [he was probably (4)] for yelling on his cell-phone in a restaurant. classy. Quote: Originally Posted by Lord-Barrington I use mass transit for 90%+ of my commute and I wish they'd enforce common rules of courtesy more forcefully. This type of behavior is rampant on buses/trains/subways, etc. Most people...
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