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Yeah, Holley seems like a dumbass. That could have easily been a Leon Lett / Desean Jackson moment at the goal line. He got lucky.
Laugh it up son. Looks like Tony Romo had the last laff tonite.
Don't forget the Skins.
It's a sad day and an end of an era. The most storied and competitive college sports league in NCAA history is falling apart because of purely money-driven motives. Syracuse and Pitt have gone to the ACC, UConn I am sure will follow suit shortly. I guess non Big East college basketball fans won't care, but for those of us that like college hoops, this is a a big shift in the landscape. A lot of the best rivalries will die off. Of course, this is America and college...
The most miserable moment of my sport fandom life happened a few days later during the 2006 NLCS game 7. Thanks for bringing up those memories.
Lol at both Cowboys and Redskins comments.
Summer of 69 is awesome. He is a total dick if he refuses to play it at his shows. Dick.
I posted a pictar of batman because you said "batsmen". It as kinda like a "Oh hai I am batman, u called?" kind of thing.
This is quite an insightful point, and I think a true one as well.
It is not a valid argument. Why not?Well, the argument for why pitchers should not win is that "a pitcher only pitches once a week and so he can't really affect his team's success as much as an everyday player". This may or may not be true.Luckily, we have the WAR (Wins Above Replacement player) statistic. It captures the fact that pitcher's only pitch every fifth day. It normalizes for this. So really, saying that pitchers should not win the MVP because they don't play as...
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