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No straight man would sleep in the same bed as a fat hairy woman unless he is getting paid handsomely for it.
For real? did you search for, "storage knapsack" or something?
Currently, it is impossible to actually select a color from the color palette icon above the text box for making a new post. Clicking it just creates brackets with a default hex code but no drop down menu. I am sure this is a relatively easy fix. Thanks.
KSilk strikes again.
It means you are a homosexual. No straight man would just "sleep" in bed with two naked girls. Nothing wrong with it, but the sooner you realize your orientation the better for both you and your gf.
Also feel free to shit on the opinions of others in this thread. It makes it more interesting.
Post what you consider to be the epitomes of various music genres. This does not mean post your favorite artist. It means post the artist which in your mind embodies a genre perfectly. Examples: House: Daft Punk / Justice Metal: Metallica, Pantera Chillwave: Washed Out Horrorcore: Dr. Octagon etc.
Thank god that wasn't Omar in the ring with Ortiz. It would have turned into a sloppy makeout session with heavy petting. I mean, the scorers would have blown a fuse trying to figure out how to score that!
Still some good classic rivalries in there, but as a UConn fan, it really hurts to lose all those annual matchups against Gtown, Nova, ND, St Johns, etc. =(That is assuming UConn follows suit and joins the ACC. Even if they don't, losing Syracuse and Pitt REALLY sucks. Those were the two best rivalries UConn had.
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