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For 8 of the 24L/15 mm and 2 30L/19 mm 4B Smoked MOP
Pets give you unconditional love and can be well trained. Kids are just as likely to be ungrateful shits and no matter how many beatings they get they still won't bring you a beer on command.
Got his address. I'm out of town until this weekend, but I'll get it out asap.
a nore item evaluation thread has precedence of epicness.
oh shit spoo you just got put on blasttime to regulate
Grenson for Paul Stuart are US sized
Open to offers. Shipping will be slow, can't ship till next week. Check out other sales; will discount for multiple purchases. 1.
I have no use for briefcases anymore, although letting the Pratesi go is rather heartbreaking. Hopefully someone with balls will have a home for her. Open to offers, check my other listings as I'm clearing out a bunch of things and will discount for multiple purchases. Shipping will be slow - gone for christmas, will not be able to ship until next week.1. NWT Pratesi "Verrocchio" Triple Gusset Orange Briefcase SOLD [[SPOILER]] 2. Alessandro Venanzi Black Briefcase 120...
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