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Your threads just don't get the response they used to. Bummer.
Do you know any decent brands that make unvented jackets, non-formalwear?
This sounds like an ancient chinese proverb.
A lot of the links dont show up with that price on the website....are thoes discounted prices definite?
#1 I can sadly see being so very very true.
Cheap and/or old, in all likelihood.
How about a Samuelsohn fit pic? Anybody? I've yet to see one on SF. Curious as to the silhouette, as the mannequin ones don't look particularly appealing.
I hope Hikari and WGP (i think thats who passed) don't regret passing it up on my word. If they see something they like, maybe give them a chance to go through the box. Or, list them. At least someone on this planet likes that brioni tie....
More surprised that she didn't have it until recently. Unless she hasnt been getting checkups.
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