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Brioni and Isaia do too. For a cheaper alternative, I'll second Altea. Usually available for under 50 (I got mine from some guy selling altea constantly on B&S for 25)
Your threads just don't get the response they used to. Bummer.
Do you know any decent brands that make unvented jackets, non-formalwear?
This sounds like an ancient chinese proverb.
A lot of the links dont show up with that price on the website....are thoes discounted prices definite?
#1 I can sadly see being so very very true.
Cheap and/or old, in all likelihood.
How about a Samuelsohn fit pic? Anybody? I've yet to see one on SF. Curious as to the silhouette, as the mannequin ones don't look particularly appealing.
I hope Hikari and WGP (i think thats who passed) don't regret passing it up on my word. If they see something they like, maybe give them a chance to go through the box. Or, list them. At least someone on this planet likes that brioni tie....
New Posts  All Forums: