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Any chance of fit pics?
I assume you aren't liquid enough to cop it all straight cash, homey. Do you has interest free loans? Sure aint gettin bank loans for 6 bungalows
You have a 45 day period to open a disputeWhy are you doing it after 14?
Most excellent necrobump.
I would say vocal majority.... And they wouldnt be found in asia backpacking.
Kill it with fire
On what planet are spectators considered staples
I think the only way to get a good swap is to have everyone list the ties they're going to put in and bring up objections. And none of this fucking "well, it's a nice tie, but too wild for me but one of you can use it" crap. Brand restricted, no old/obviously thrifted ties, and a strict one-for-one policy. 2 mediocre ties do not make up for one good tie.
Brioni and Isaia do too. For a cheaper alternative, I'll second Altea. Usually available for under 50 (I got mine from some guy selling altea constantly on B&S for 25)
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