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The suits have gotten much shittier since switching to the BB factories from Caruso. Everything was ugly at the pre-sale too for the most part. I bought one of the long-sleeve polos during the last sale and they're pretty nice, but not really that much of a bargain at 70 bucks or whatever.
I'll check out cask of dreams. Not that it means anything, but the backstory behind cask of dreams is uber lame.Shit on a stick you got a good wife...even if she overpays
I'm not sure this counts as hot sauce, its more chilli paste and oil, but it does shit on every other hot sauce mentioned in this thread. It's also wildly unhealthy, though, otherwise I'd use it more.
Also, I quite like the Glenfiddich Snow Phoenix, but it seems to be getting rarer/more expensive - I bought a bottle for 90 earlier in the year, now the cheapest i see is $160! What tha fuck this is like AAPL stock or something?
Had some Laphroaig Quarter Cask and Laph Whiskey Thieves. Both were good, but I really liked the Whiskey Thieves. I don't see anything about it online though - anyone know anything about it and where I could buy it? I didn't see it in any local liquor stores - not that it means anything; shit selection around here.
NWT Howard Yount Pants, Size 46 EU / 31 US, 100% Wool, retail is $175 110 shipped Front rise: 10.25 inches Waist laid flat: 15.5 inches Inseam: 37 inches Ankle opening: 8 inches NWOT Boglioli Charcoal Herringbone Sportcoat, Size 48 EU / 38 US, 54% Wool 46% Cotton 300 shipped -Jacket is awesome, unfortunately the person I bought it from mis-measured the shoulder. I half contemplated undergoing the risky and expensive shoulder surgery to make it happen anyway, but in...
$350 SOLD or best offer. Shipped CONUS, international will be extra. Ralph Lauren Black Label 38R 100% Wool Navy Blazer -Made in Italy by Caruso -Double vented, Peak lapels, Silver buttons (4 on sleeves) Pit-pit: 20.25 inches Sleeve length: 25.5 inches Shoulder-shoulder: 18.5 inches Length BOC: 30 inches
Crud, reposted
NWOT Thom Browne NY Jeans, Size 1, Made in USA 200 -> 175 -> 160 shipped or best offer -Willing to trade for raw denim in size 32/33. Seller I bought these from mis-measured the waist. -Stiff raw indigo denim. Silver TB buttons, TB grosgrain loop on back of waist. Waist: 14.25 Rise: 10 Inseam: 32.5 Ankle: 8
Prices include shipping CONUS, PM for international rates or look it up yourself on from 61820. Open to offers, and will discount for multiple items.5. Sutor Mantellasi Brown Austerity Brogues, Size 9.5 200 -> 180 ->160 shipped10. CP Company Khaki Pinstripe Pants, Size 48, Made in Italy, 95% Cotton 3% Elastane, 2% Poly 25 -> 20 shipped Waist: 16.5Rise: 10Inseam: 29.5Ankle: 811. NWOT Thom Browne NY Jeans, Size 1, Made in USA 200 -> 175 -> 160 shipped-Willing to...
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