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Prices include shipping CONUS, PM for international rates or look it up yourself on usps.com from 61820. Open to offers, and will discount for multiple items.5. Sutor Mantellasi Brown Austerity Brogues, Size 9.5 200 -> 180 ->160 shipped10. CP Company Khaki Pinstripe Pants, Size 48, Made in Italy, 95% Cotton 3% Elastane, 2% Poly 25 -> 20 shipped Waist: 16.5Rise: 10Inseam: 29.5Ankle: 811. NWOT Thom Browne NY Jeans, Size 1, Made in USA 200 -> 175 -> 160 shipped-Willing to...
Any chance of fit pics?
I assume you aren't liquid enough to cop it all straight cash, homey. Do you has interest free loans? Sure aint gettin bank loans for 6 bungalows
You have a 45 day period to open a disputeWhy are you doing it after 14?
Most excellent necrobump.
I would say vocal majority.... And they wouldnt be found in asia backpacking.
Kill it with fire
On what planet are spectators considered staples
I think the only way to get a good swap is to have everyone list the ties they're going to put in and bring up objections. And none of this fucking "well, it's a nice tie, but too wild for me but one of you can use it" crap. Brand restricted, no old/obviously thrifted ties, and a strict one-for-one policy. 2 mediocre ties do not make up for one good tie.
New Posts  All Forums: