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Ah, good question. It's Gianluca Napoli (Black label). I'll update it.
A few items I bought that I'm undecided on keeping, and a couple that don't see much wear now that I'm a student again, so I thought I'd test the waters. Prices include CONUS shipping, PM for international. Will entertain offers, but I'm not in a huge hurry to see any of these go.NWOT RLBL Dove Grey DB suit 38S, asking SOLD [[SPOILER]] NWT RLBL Grey Glenplaid Sportcoat, 38S, asking SOLD [[SPOILER]] Isaia 3 Piece Navy Pinstripe, Size 38 R/S, asking SOLD [[SPOILER]]
The only thing that has ever actually ruined a flight for me, aside from unbearable delays, was shrieking kids. Anything else I can pretty much ignore and go to sleep. A crying baby is just maddening.
And thus, fewer PSAs are posted, and everyone suffers.Why let SF know? It's not going to benefit many people, just a couple people before the asshats get there.
Well, actually, the treatment for these is just antibiotics, which are fairly cheap, and if they become septic they die fast. So really, I'd think it would drive costs down. Huzzah!
Prices include shipping in CONUS, international based on USPS Priority (or whatever you want above that, so long as it has tracking).1. NWT Retail $1,195 Hickey Navy Pinstripe Suit, Size 42S, Asking SOLD [[SPOILER]] 4. NWT$59.99 2011 Undercover x Uniqlo Easy Jacket, Size Small, asking SOLD [[SPOILER]] 5. NWOT Rugby Ralph Lauren Black Corduroy Jacket, Size S, asking SOLD [[SPOILER]] 6. Rugby Ralph Lauren 100% Flannel Wool Navy Pinstripe Suit, Size 38 R SOLD [[SPOILER]]
Yeah who is this motherfucker labelking
Going to email TOJ directly, but thought I'd ask here too in case anyone had some insight: For people re-ordering calf -> lamb or other way around, did or would you do anything different in terms of sizing? Just got this moto from another member in black calf, and would like to order one in lamb - probably whiskey, maybe brown. Also, any advice on fit? It's a little tight around the back shoulders so Ill get that loosened up and sleeve width probably 1.5 inches wider.
1. Not much to do but drink and fuck 2. Cheap fresh produce (although no seafood) 3. Farmers markets 4x a week (kinda goes with 2) 4. The women are less jaded and OCD I still fucking hate it though. Getting out of the midwest cannot come soon enough for me. Just 2.5 more years.....urk.
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