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You dont sound depressed to me...just lazy.
I'm in....here's hoping for a less disastrous box than last time...
It's only Nov 27th. Most entries in a contest like this come in the last 2 days anyway. I was planning to submit one.
Interested in a medium in whatever color that first picture is
Shouldn't the most disorganized closet win this? A well organized closet doesn't need more hangers and organizing hangers. Mines a disaster area, I could win that no problem.
Fused. I didnt check country of origin, sorry, packed them all up already
Bleh I just got the Newbury tweed jackets....I hate how variable sizing is. It's pretty nice, I wish it would fit me. Weirdly tight across the back but wide at the shoulders, and super narrow sleeves. Blergh.
Disney's done well - Pixar, the Marvel movies. In any case, it can't be worse than the shit Lucasfilms has been putting out. Thrawn would be cool, I guess, but recasting everyone sounds kinda shitty. They could do the new generation stuff - Yuuzhan Vong would make for some excellent CGI.
http://www.styleforum.net/t/310872/toj-4-zip-moto-brand-new-sz-46 Asking the same price he was, $680 or best offer. Bought from Lorcan7, unfortunately it's too tight for me in the shoulders. Lorcan's fit pics and mine are both included. Also willing to trade for a 47/48 TOJ leather. Lorcan's info is below: Condition: new, tried on indoors only. Very slight mark above the left chest zipper - wasn't me, reckon its from when it was still a cow…perfect in every other way....
I don't understand how someone like Romney can't tie a proper knot, or what purpose it would serve to make it seem like he can't.
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