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Yeah for sure. If it had been lamb I probably would've kept it period. I don't really see the appeal of calf over lamb unless you're actually on a motorcycle, but that's just me.
That's me in the first pic. FYI, that was really really tight on my shoulders; I could barely reach for things. I had to get rid of it. I don't have any tips on how to get that look without it being way too tight, although when I have time I can post my black lamb DR that I think looks as good and isn't constricting at all.I'm 5'8, 165 for reference.
Perfect! Thanks a bunch.
I got a french press and a burr grinder as gifts...anyone have some advice on a starting point to learn a little? A website on where to buy good beans, somewhere to see reviews, etc?
it costs nothing to have a credit card what are you talking about
I got eliminated? Although there's not much there....knit ties should really be banned from boxes unless they're new.
You dont sound depressed to me...just lazy.
I'm's hoping for a less disastrous box than last time...
It's only Nov 27th. Most entries in a contest like this come in the last 2 days anyway. I was planning to submit one.
Interested in a medium in whatever color that first picture is
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