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I just signed up for Tonx. Since I'm in the middle of nowhere, this seems perfect for me. Does anyone have any tips on how fine to grind beans and how it changes the taste? What else can you play around with?
If you're looking for one on the cheap, I picked this up. Theres a code floating around which makes this $38 shipped.http://c1.casa.com/p/jura-capresso-58505-disk-burr-grinder-274480
CM's unsexy knot and divots pushed me towards SB.
Yeah for sure. If it had been lamb I probably would've kept it period. I don't really see the appeal of calf over lamb unless you're actually on a motorcycle, but that's just me.
That's me in the first pic. FYI, that was really really tight on my shoulders; I could barely reach for things. I had to get rid of it. I don't have any tips on how to get that look without it being way too tight, although when I have time I can post my black lamb DR that I think looks as good and isn't constricting at all.I'm 5'8, 165 for reference.
Perfect! Thanks a bunch.
I got a french press and a burr grinder as gifts...anyone have some advice on a starting point to learn a little? A website on where to buy good beans, somewhere to see reviews, etc?
Anyone that thinks a healthcare worker should be able to opt out of flu vaccines is a moron. I'd like to know what the deal with the other 1300 that didn't get vaccinated is though.
it costs nothing to have a credit card what are you talking about
I got eliminated? Although there's not much there....knit ties should really be banned from boxes unless they're new.
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