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Your post and the responses to it are the only ones that discuss racism, read the thread from the start...all the others don't mention racism once, only the illegal taping/blackmail aspect. Yours did not, I didn't quote your post.
Really....guy says shit like that and your reaction is how dare she tape him? Who gives a shit, scum is scum and I bet none of you would be up in arms if Obama were secretly taped saying he was trying to sell this country to China.
Anyone who has ordered custom items or gotten bespoke anything is used to it. This isn't a giant conglomeration. There is no guarantee on times with a small artisan. It's frustrating but frankly to be expected and not worth getting upset about.
I have a grey/black TOJ1 in stock size 46 that is too small for me. Looking for a 48 anything. Also have a black lamb DR in 46 that fits for some reason but is tight; also up for a trade for a 48 anything.
Alright I srsly tried to search the thread and gallery but came up with nothing. Are there any pics of the Chestnut lamb suede? Trying to figure out what it'd look like for a BCDR
The supple leather comes from bathing the lamb in the blood of its mother
Dude, when you're getting eye surgery, you don't want service. You want someone who's done a million of them and never has complications.
There's probably a happy medium between the 2.... I did find it interesting that on Dr. Lee's page, he listed the undergrad (UCLA), med school (UCSD), and fellowship (Tulane), but not his residency...that's a really interesting gap to have.
Saw this article today and made me think of this thread http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2303588/The-mother-says-having-children-biggest-regret-life.html#ixzz2PuPJefdS
This is what happens when you pass gay marriage. People start dating shoes.
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