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price drop
thanks. but it still is too narrow in the shoulders and the chest for comfort. Otherwise, I would never consider selling it.
added some new pics
I bought this nice jacket from another member. Unfortunately, it is too small for me, as I am tending more to a 42R than I am a proper 40R. To my knowledge it's an orphaned jacket but it can very well pass off as a sportcoat. I am looking to get what I paid for it, minus shipping fees. $140 shipped worldwide the original post states: Henry Poole and Company - Savile row - Sportscoat This is a great vintage Sportscoat from one of the most famous Savile row...
pm sent for Huntsman overcoat
pm sent.
pm sent for belt
pm sent for Kiton jacket
pm'ed for Brioni chocolate
pm sent
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