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Me me. Balmoral boots in plum/museum/brown. thanks
$250 then
$220 please
Ouch, why do i only read this threat now...
Pm sent
Tried to PM but your box is full. Would like to purchase the Hemsby 7.5D, Red Lord Calf. Please advise on payment details. thanks!
I would be interested, but let me find out what neapolitan tailoring exactly means.... : )
I get mine at shoe repair places in town for around 35SGD. Not cedar for mosts, but fully wood. Good enuf for me.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sC9RjVdCA7k spot the difference. A few things looks different to me. The soles doesnt look Goodyear to me, but more like blake, which would be standard in most Italian shoes. So not what most English makers would do. I can also see several difference based on my limited knowledge. Essentially , there is several process which can be done by hand, e.g. the sewing, putting the upper onto the last. Also I saw that the upper is glued...
Ouch!!!!! http://cgi.ebay.com/R-Martegani-hand...d=p4999.c0.m14
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