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In the book 85 ways to tie a tie there is a mention to him.. I´ll check it!
Quote: Originally Posted by rebel222 PM sent on the 9D AE Brandywoods The blue tie has some stain... Was it used by Monica Lewinsky?
I have seen one and like 50 euros were asked for... a magazine???
Quote: Originally Posted by Cary Grant I like the look except the collar, not so much. Looks like a small-spread, maybe? Others here no this far better than I. I like the look too, but I guess the clue is the collar. Let's what some experts add..
I attach a picture of the Armani new seasson´s web. This picture looks totally amazing to me. Perhaps because I live in the Victorian age and the 40´s and 50´s and collect cinema noir movies.. What can you see about the taller collar? What´s the " key " of the picture? The B/ W, his hair ala Glen Ford,the matched pocket handkerchief,the taller collar or the narrow tie? Would he be better with a standar tie? Could you help me to analice the picture...
Could you people help me with the picture? Thanks
I have bought several ties but 2nd hand shoes among slips is the only thing I wouldn´t buy. Shoes even after the first use get the way of the foot and it can deform yours. About slips..no comment...
Quote: Originally Posted by JimInSoCalif Since the 50's, ties have been narrow, wide, narrow, etc - I don't know how times the fashion has changed. If you buy mid-width ties, you will never be far out of fashion, assuming you care about fashion, and more importantly always look right. That's for sure but I´ll like to innovate a little bit. The JFK avatar, has a narrow tie and looks Impressive ( I know he is JFK) Can you see the Paul Smith...
Quote: Originally Posted by FidelCashflow 3" or wider and you're still looking professional, but contemporary. Any narrow than that and you're getting into a fashion statement item which, as far as I'm concerned, only looks good on really pale super-skinny teenagers. Nice, that was my point. Teenagers or unprofessionals. but on this pictures ( well, I already know those brands are not very " pro" but for media guys. They look very nice ...
2mm. nacar buttons! The last step on shirts make by order! The Valhalla of buttons!
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