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My wife and I spent a good chunk of the holidays catching up on this show. She is Colombian, so the whole concept of drug cartels is pretty "meh" for her, but I'm an innocent Canadian and was completely hooked after the first episode. I found bits of season 3 to be a tad slow, however season 4 from start to finish was fantastic. I had thought it was over and done with until I read that a final season of 16 episodes will begin in January. My guess for the main story is a...
Quote: Originally Posted by sonomadrifter If anyone has financial advice to save some money on buying a used BMW (2006, 330i) I could use it. I have an 06 325i that I got used (BMW certified) about a year ago. The car is fantastic, and I have not had any issues at all. I imagine the 330i would be the same great reliability with an added kick. I would have got a 330i myself but there weren't any available from a BMW dealer at the time.
Not to be rude, but I cannot believe you got such a great job and yet have no common sense. You're still young and likely not even close to your full earning potential. Go with a nice used car for now that will do the job while saving you some money in the short term. Focus all that excitement on your career for now. Good luck kiddo.
Quote: Originally Posted by Neo_Version 7 Whenever that one guy goes, "Where were you when they took over the planet?", I laugh so much. I adore the cheesy delivery. Its going to suck no doubt. Luckily enough I got a bunch of free passes to waste.
It's pretty damn ugly. BMW has been really off the mark with this current generation. At the same time Audi and MB seem to be on a tear with their designs. I guess time and sales numbers will tell the truth.
I sent him a PM awhile back...guessing he forgot to reply and update the thread? It happens.
Consultant for a major Cdn bank. Translation: overpaid and under worked.
Quote: Originally Posted by runner-guy No kidding. Compared to the 1938 Bugatti, that Lamborghini might as well be a Yugo. I do like the looks of the old Bugatti, but I would certainly enjoy driving that Lambo.
Nice cars! As an aside, some of the comments on that page referring to the decline in quality of Mr. Lauren's various labels are rather funny.
Quote: Originally Posted by Johdus Fanfoozal Sorry, but this is an awful memo. Distilled: We're on a sinking ship and I'm not sure we can plug up the hole. I admire CEOs who tell it like it is. But you need to rally the troops in tough times. Give it to them straight, but at least throw something in there that provides a little optimism. How many resumes did Apple, Motorola, Canon, etc. receive from Nokia's best talent the day after this went...
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