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And that's exactly my concern with keeping them.This particular retailer was definitely out of stock in 32s two weeks ago and then suddenly 32 was restocked. Looks to me like someone returned this pair. Did they wear them and stretch them out before returning? Or did they return because this particular pair is cut totally wrong or mistagged?I'm not sure that's a risk I'm willing to take.
WWSFD? I ordered the last pair of Plumas that I could find anywhere in my size (32) from the only vendor that had them. When they arrived they are noticeably stretched out in the upper half and definitely do not fit me right. I have Harlots and Zincs, so I know the JE Cast 2 fit in my size and this ISN'T it. The vendor says that they have no record of this specific pair having been worn before, but that they will certainly take a return on them. OR, they will give me...
Looks like it might already be up on Saks.com. You can't filter by designer and find it, but if you search the site for "John Elliott" it will be at the very end of the results.
KITH had the marled Kake in their Manhattan store yesterday afternoon. It was tagged at $425. Its a substantial, heavy fabric, but it was a bit rough / stiff. Its not for me, but it's definitely something different.
The Villain is a much slimmer fit (JE calls it a "slim fit" themselves) than the Kake, which is advertised as being "slightly oversized".I wear a large in Villains and a medium Kake is perfect.
Just did a serach:https://www.facebook.com/groups/678586322244789/
Exactly the same here.Skipped the white skittles... was on the fence about white, but the raw hem made my decision easier. It's just not for me.Ordered the Harlot and Plumas to see in person. Will likely keep one... maybe both.
I'll second this. I'm similarly sized and the Kake in large was too big. Medium is perfect.
I'm curious about a denim restock too. Looking to pick up the Cast 2 Coast in 32.
5'-10"160lbsI wear a large in the Villain and I think it's perfect off the rack. I tried on the medium villain on and it was a little too small (probably would have been fine with some stretching after a few wears).
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