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Yeah... mine came in cheaper this way too (about $75). I wasn't going to say anything until I had it in my hands, though.
Doesn't appear on my regular Platinum Card offers either.
This is brilliant! Thank you so much.
Didn't see this pop up last night and by 9am this morning the black Mr. Porter JE denim was sold out in my size (32). I've been looking for exactly this item for a while now and i'm pretty disappointed to have missed it. Would you guys think that a 33 could be taken in to the 32 waist size without too much trouble? i generally don't tailor denim, but the measurements are pretty close between the two: (This is the Harlot size guide from the JE site, but they should be...
That was good advice! I appreciate it.
Thank you. I just saw that they got those back in and was about to place an order with them, but Xhibition emailed me that they were now willing to give me 40% off of the pair I have in-hand.The changed tag attachment really leads me to believe that these were worn and not mis-made, so I'm going to take them up on it and keep these. For @ $240 it's worth the risk.Sorry to have mucked up this thread with all of my back and forth, guys.
The vendor wouldn't budge on their offer so they are going back. If anyone sees a pair of Plumas in 32 come back in stock at XXXX (vendor name removed since I decided to keep the pair - see post 23421) in the next few days it will likely be this pair.As I packaged them back up I also noticed that the JE tag is attached with a standard plastic attachment, not the black JE string. Clearly this pair has a history.Thanks again for everyone's input.
Thanks for the opinions on my Plumas problem, everyone. I'm going to see if they can do better on the discount they are offering to keep them since I think they are going to have a hard time finding a home for these as-is. As far as I can tell they were already returned one (this would be the second time). I'm willing to take a risk on them shrinking back to original condition with a trip to the dry cleaner, but not for $300.
And that's exactly my concern with keeping them.This particular retailer was definitely out of stock in 32s two weeks ago and then suddenly 32 was restocked. Looks to me like someone returned this pair. Did they wear them and stretch them out before returning? Or did they return because this particular pair is cut totally wrong or mistagged?I'm not sure that's a risk I'm willing to take.
WWSFD? I ordered the last pair of Plumas that I could find anywhere in my size (32) from the only vendor that had them. When they arrived they are noticeably stretched out in the upper half and definitely do not fit me right. I have Harlots and Zincs, so I know the JE Cast 2 fit in my size and this ISN'T it. The vendor says that they have no record of this specific pair having been worn before, but that they will certainly take a return on them. OR, they will give me...
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