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Just did a serach:https://www.facebook.com/groups/678586322244789/
Exactly the same here.Skipped the white skittles... was on the fence about white, but the raw hem made my decision easier. It's just not for me.Ordered the Harlot and Plumas to see in person. Will likely keep one... maybe both.
I'll second this. I'm similarly sized and the Kake in large was too big. Medium is perfect.
I'm curious about a denim restock too. Looking to pick up the Cast 2 Coast in 32.
5'-10"160lbsI wear a large in the Villain and I think it's perfect off the rack. I tried on the medium villain on and it was a little too small (probably would have been fine with some stretching after a few wears).
I had posted before that I ordered two black Kake sizes because I wasn't sure which was right for me. My order finally arrived today and i'm definitely a medium... not a large. I'd like to help out someone in the community who couldn't get one. If anyone here wants a LARGE BLACK KAKE and couldn't get one PM me. If I don't find someone by the end of the week I will just return it to JE. Thanks.
Unsure of my sizing I ordered two black kakes... a medium and a large. I planned on returning one of them, but with so few around I would rather get it to an SFer who wants it and couldn't get one. Once I figure out which size I don't need should I post back here to see if anyone is interested in it?
Thanks! I waited quite a while for the C4S to be announced and I'm really happy with what they did on it (rear light strip, etc.).Thanks. Love the interior myself. I even spec'd silver seat belts to match the silver interior trim.No problem on the ADV history lesson for GreenFrog. It's important that everyone go into a purchase with their eyes open! I've read through it all before myself and it was a tough choice to go with them vs. HRE.This is why cars are so...
Easy answer in this case (as crazy as it sounds)... $$$I run winter and summer tires here in NYC since this is a daily driver. When the car was delivered it was January and I had them put winter tires onto the OEM wheels.I then asked the dealer for a quote on a second set of OEM wheels to put my summer tires on. $9k+. WOAH! I bargained them down to $7200, which is still comical for a cast wheel. For significantly less than that I could get a lighter, stronger, forged...
I was my dealer's first Carrera 4S allocation (had a deposit down for a year +). I have a good relationship with them, so I was able to work a decent discount on this one. I hear that people are typically seeing some decent discounts on 991s (4-7%) depending on the dealership.And thanks for the kind word on the photos... I love taking them.
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