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Surely someone has cited this statistic. Chances of divorce increase by 38% when the cost of the wedding exceeds $5000.
Reading Patrick Modiano in translation: Suspended Sentences, Dora Bruder, Missing Person
Oldies are goodies, folle. I'm reading all of Hawthorne again.
About $600. My wife has small hands, and she doesn't like diamonds except as accents to colored stones. I had a gold ring designed with small rubies and diamonds. It is very tasteful without screaming look at me, I'm pretty, look at me, I'm pretty. Unfortunately, neither one of us is a materialist of much use to the economy, and we both spent enough time outside of the system to have achieved a certain perspective on material wealth that I find rather healthy. That said,...
The New York Trilogy by Paul Auster
Thanks! I've been bumming around in the Himalayas.
Very distantly (
If This is Man by Primo Levi There used to be a corner in Berkeley where they'd brew you an individual cup, whatever bean you liked. I sold this stuff for 2 years post-MA and it nearly kept me in the Bay Area.
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