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Thanks for the advice all. It's big on me but not THAT big, I could almost go outside with it on and not get weird looks, so I think this company's stuff runs small. I will give soaking it in hot water a shot.
Reminds me of a story: Yossel goes to a tailor to try on a new custom-made suit. The first thing he notices is that the arms are too long. "No problem," says the tailor. "Just bend them at the elbow and hold them out in front of you. See, now it's fine." "But the collar is up around my ears!" "It's nothing. Just hunch your back up a little ... no, a little more ... that's it." "But I'm stepping on my cuffs!" Yossel cries in desperation. "Nu, bend your...
I have a really nice sweater I picked up cheap, the only problem is it's too big (it says 2XL and I wear a L). What's the best way to shrink it? Just wash and dry it, or wash and hang up on a clothesline (in the blistering Miami sun)?
I'm 6'8" and can't wear anything other than an extra long. A lot of extra longs are still too short.
Two questions: 1. I wear a 44 suit jacket, but a 42 overcoat. What should I go for on a peacoat? Was going to go for a sterlingwear but maybe another brand. I have lost weight recently, and plan on losing some more, so I don't mind a somewhat tight fit right now, and I don't plan on wearing many layers under it. 2. I have somewhat long arms (I'm 6'8", with maybe a 6'6" wingspan). Will an extra long be suitable sleeve-wise?
You're lucky, I'm a 16 shoe and a 44 XL suit.
I think the slender look is still in. Wish it wasn't. The frustrating thing is I've noticed that despite our reputation as men, most women tend to be a lot more focused on looks than most men I know. I'd love to get by on my personality, but I live in Miami so that might not be possible. At the moment my goal is to not be the most out of shape person in my gym. As my gym is on South Beach that's actually kind of a lofty goal.
6'8" and 250, though I used to weigh a lot more. I've managed to get down 40 pounds from the beginning of the year, but every 3 or 4 pounds I completely plateau, despite exercise and calorie counting. Extremely frustrating. The only way I've found to break through the plateau is to do south beach diet phase 1 for a few days, which is miserable. BTW, I'm really getting sick of the rail thing, tight-clothing, vaguely effeminate look being in. Wish we could go back to a...
They always used to tell us in law school to wear a black suit to court. It sounded ridiculous to me at the time, but damned if I don't do it now.
Ok I picked up a really beautiful charcoal blazer at marshall's today, but it's confusing me. The tag sewn into the collar says DKNY, while the tag on the inside breast says Izod. Do both companies make their stuff in the same factory and a worker got confused or something? Any ideas? Also I saw another blazer that I liked but never heard of the company, Marconi. Is this an actual brand or just a fly-by-night line that picked a fake Italian name to sound cool?
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