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I picked up an inexpensive mock turtleneck that I really like the color of. My question is, can I wear this untucked? It's somewhat long, and while too thin to be a sweater it has that sort of sweatery feel. So untucked with jeans? How about with slacks, or is that even more of a stretch? I ask because my body shape is such that I look terrible with tucked shirts.
I always found Syms to be the best place to find inexpensive, but quality, suits.
Relatively large stomach with skinny legs. Jeans that fit my waist are ridiculously baggy in the legs, and I never wear tucked shirts because it just looks silly. Still not sure how to get rid of the stomach, my ribs are starting to show and it's still there.
Get a buzz cut. Seriously.
Quote: Originally Posted by Zenny I wear a bowtie often, our paths must be destined not to cross Haven't been out recently though, HSC year and all that. You'd think you'd run into each other at the Young Republicans meetings...
I suggest a lime green blazer, bright orange pants, silver tie, purple shirt, red top hat, and sequined shoes. Trust me, it will work.
"You left the bottom button unbuttoned your [suit] jacket." I thanked them for pointing that out. Didn't know what else to say.
Yes I have a very long torso (at 6'8" my inseam is only 36"). Frustrating thing is at my last job I was in a suit every day.
Quote: Originally Posted by j Heh. I was talking about your sweet testosterone-soaked video. yeah, when you randomly flail and smack someone, you should get your, and your buddy's ass punched into the hospital. That's the world I want to live in. Dudes walking around thinking about how much the internet matters, just waiting to prove their manliness and how they totally aren't internet dandies or whatever. OMG I am so going to start referring...
Ok, let's give this a shot; I'm a NYC native but I've been living in Miami for 5 years and I'm a little out of date on the NYC nightlife scene (plus I was always kind of a geek so not like I ever knew the scene that well): I need a place on the lower east side, from say Tompkins Square/St. Mark's Place area south to E. Houston, to have a bunch of people meet up. Not sure how many people, could be from 5 to 14. I'm looking for a bar that also serves bar food. This...
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