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Quote: Originally Posted by Millerp Buy the ones that fit in the waist and have the legs tapered by a tailor. Doesn't cost too much. That's a...good idea. I guess my only experience with tailoring has been suits, which can be kind of expensive.
Problem: unfortunately large stomach, relatively skinny/muscular legs. Jeans that fit around the waist look like parachute pants on the legs. Jeans that look good on the legs I have to wear below the waist and it's uncomfortable and they slip a lot. Help me obi-wan.
Aww I thought it would be a groundskeeping magazine.
Usually a good idea in these kinds of situations: Put it all in writing, and send via certified mail/fax/email them a letter.
Wait till you finish law school, then you'll have plenty of free time. Might be able to meet someone on line at the unemployment office
Melatonin works for me but makes me feel groggy all the next day. Tryptophan may work, haven't tried it enough to have a good idea if it does, though. Benadryl puts some people out, too.
Quote: Originally Posted by zenith I think the biggest mistake made by men trying to look slimmer is they wear clothes that are too baggy. I assume they feel the extra fabric hides their size. Ultimately, it makes them look even larger. Instead, look for clothes that fit a little more snug. Not tight, but more structured. Even if you are a little on the heavy side, wearing close that fit close will make you look much better. Thanks...
Maybe someone has a good idea or two: I am trying to (a) look slightly skinnier (who isn't), but I also want to (and this might not be possible) (b) look slightly shorter. Not that I don't mind looking like a professional wrestler (unfortunately not one of the well-cut ones) generally, but sometimes it gets annoying being so visible. Come on, any ideas?
Uhhh, careful on the LSAT. I did well on that test and all it has gotten me is a year of unemployment and an astronomical debt.
Don't have access to a camera right now, I just wanted to make sure I wasn't violating some inviolate rule of fashion; as long as you tell me that occasionally you can wear a mock turtleneck untucked with slacks I will be happy. Keep in mind I only care because I want to look good to the opposite sex, I personally wouldn't stress about it unless I thought it might disadvantage me there.
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