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It doesn't really need to break 100 hp as it weighs so little that even such a small amount of power gets you around town. If you wish to really go, all you have to do is drop down a few gears. There's really not much to it. The car is built around the concept of sacrifice. You sacrifice a certain amount of comfort and instant power at any rpm for immense enjoyment when running hard, or semi-hard. It does not suit everyone's driving style or needs. Some like GTs with lots...
Quote: Originally Posted by LSeca Why even bring up the Matrix or S2k? He's talking about Toyota's 2ZZ-GE engine used in the Matrix. The very same engine, in a slightly different state of tune, is used by Lotus in the Elise.
Quote: Originally Posted by Bona Drag Brilliant, thanks. FYI, it's appears to be the very last link on both pages that works - the French feed for Chelsea/Valencia and the Spanish for United/Roma. Go to the very bottom row on either page, and click the very last in the long line of PLAY or PLAY or PLAY etc. lists. One of those always works. When it quits, start going through them again until you find another that works.
I almost feel bad for Roma...that was too much. 3 Brit teams in the semis For those of us with no TV coverage.
Great fun, both. Loved Russell's psychological breakdown in Death Proof. Completely unexpected turn of events to me.
High art or not, the music is absolutely beautiful. Not everyone may have a few minutes to spend listening to it, but not to bother even slowing down? Our daily lives are becoming ritualistic acts of suffering, which are to be sped up and robotized. No thinking, no feeling, no enjoying...just waiting for the commute/work/lunch/life to pass. If we are unwilling to stop the routine for one minute in order to enjoy moving and plainly virtuosic music, we are certainly...
Quote: 24 CALGARY Canada 103.6 Is visiting cities or, God forbid, living in them a requirement for these people?
Yoox hates the north. No deals for us.
Quote: Originally Posted by teddieriley Is there a free shipping code or something that we can use? Try yoox@paypal or paypal@yoox Can't remember which
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