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Quote: Hipster clothes Jeans, sneakers, hoodie - and a jacket? Behold, the new corporate uniform.
My parents moved away two years ago, when I turned 21...accross the world, to another continent. Does that make me a man?
Shitty game from both sides. They should hang their heads in shame.
Like this? Looks like a good idea.
Quote: Originally Posted by j I had to look these up... awesome: Those are very cool. Will make for a great summer shoe. Trying to score some right now...
Great game so far. Let's see if ManU can make it as interesting in the second half.
Guy is a douche. Patrick Bateman would eat his spleen.
Anybody see Messi's goal on Thursday? Less than 3 hours...
Check your PMs.
PM sent for no.7
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