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"People who simply don't care" are not working with you. People who don't care are working for you. It makes all the difference. If they cared, nothing would change. Their pay and their future prospects would stay the same. Why should they care? It's your business, not theirs. If you want to see them caring about their work, check out how they interact with customers, in which case a little care can mean a big tip. Super K...it's a coffee shop staffed by college kids....
A stretched turbo 'Busa with training wheels and a roof selling for a million pounds? Right. I like the idea, but wouldn't want to be strapped in there in a crash.
Quote: Originally Posted by Babar The album's been making the rounds for some time and it's definitely one of my favorites this year. Like with most of Mike Patton's recent stuff it really grows with each listen. Completely missed this one. A very pleasant surprise. Patton has had an intense energy for putting new stuff out ever since Faith No More disbanded.
Many people have beautiful, clear voices, and the technique to match. You'll never hear them because only one of hundreds will ever get a chance to sing in front of a large audience. Compared to people who spend their lives training, this guy is decent at best. He got a lucky break because a show director figured he can make money by presenting Paul as a shy middle aged phone salesman who stumbled into their studio. The plan worked and Paul is now famous. We'll see what he...
He's had an amount of training in the last decade. Read his bio at wikipedia. In any case, he did not come out of nowhere and started singing like that. I think his performance is moving. It's quite amazing for what it is, but I don't believe the guy will succeed in making a career in opera. Competition is extreme and from what my singer friends tell me, his technique is fairly deficient.
I like proper replicas, built from the ground up with a dedicated chassis, like the plethora of Lotus 7 based cars, Shelbys, GT40s or this Lola T70: http://www.gdcarsusa.com/images/collage.jpg Plunking another body on a Fiero/Datsun always looks like ass.
Wasn't Holt supposed to start carrying C&J this year?
Excellent lists Fuuma...gave me a lot of homework to do.
Return, I will, to old Brazil. I wish Gilliam would...although Tideland wasn't terrible, it's been almost 10 years since he gave us something to talk about.
What if you are into high rise pants...very high rise, say, with the waist ending up around your neck?
New Posts  All Forums: