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May 8th I think.
Just got an email from uber. 20% off UBER20
The hats were only 50% off when I stopped by the sale this morning. Outerwear was 75% off, and the cloth in the back I think was 75%.
I've been charged customs by End Clothing as well as Meermin. Haven't been charged by Tres Bien
If this is directed at me, I picked it up yesterday afternoon when I was rummaging through the back.I'll probably go back tomorrow as well. Want to avoid the weekend shoppers
I think 95?
Picked up one of these. I might go back and take a look again soon
The 15% shows up at checkout, right before you submit the order. No 30% though...
Updates on the deia last. It's a very narrow last. I should have sized up .5 from my 'normal' uk size of 6. I can't even fit xs shoe trees in these things.
Haha no problem. I just emailed Kyle asking for venetian loafer with some laces and blind eyelets actually. The last sleekness wasn't a big factor for me, so I didn't look into it that much besides eyeballing the pictures. I'm sure Taryn will get back to you with more details on some sleeker lasts/styling
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