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Thanks. Unfortunately, they canceled my stooges order. Pretty shitty. Is that the LCW Stooges?
They're the off-white ones. Also have black high top futures for $292.
I see "Sold & Shipped by MAXAROMA" on the Walmart site.I've also purchased a fake bottle of GIT from Fragrancenet. Still have the bottle, it's a lot more astringent and does not compare to the real thing at all. It's also not batch variations since I have about 4-5 different decants of GIT all sourced in different years. The decants all have similar characteristics that the Fragrancenet bottle is lacking.
Looks like yoox is doing final sale on a few items again, thought they got rid of this. Saw this, "SALE OF THIS MERCHANDISE IS FINAL. YOOX offers no refunds, credits or exchanges for this item."
^ Solid colour Corneliani? Thanks to everyone who provided recommendations on cobblers, I'll give Nick's a try. I'm also thinking of switching tailors. I would typically use Paul's Alteration since it's relatively close, but lately I've been unhappy with his finishing and sloppy execution.
Both my Purdey Conistons were so very comfortable out the box. Do C&J branded ones use a different footbed?
Any recommendations for top notch clobbers in or around the city? Looking for a good winter topy for one boot and potentially converting another from Dainite to Commando, if possible.
Healthcare and and 120ml bottles of Aventus for $58.99CAD ($43.60USD) at Costco last month.
No code.
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