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If anyone starts a Coniston GMTO in Zug or Dark Brown Cordovan let me know
Indigo Cyldes Olive Cyldes Canvas Brown Cyldes (unworn) Carhartt Brown Cyldes 9.23 oz Red Line Officer's Chino (unworn) 10.8 oz Officer's Chino (about 2 years old)
double post
Shame, the Coniston is such a great boot. Wonder if there is still interest.
Whatever happened to the Zug Coniston? Was the GMTO completed?
What are you guys using to treat your Galways for the snow?
Thanks for the tip aquila, had to call two stores over the course of three days - no SA available yesterday for some reason, maybe the storm - but I managed to snag the Carhartt Clydes and Blue Cashmere Crewneck at 30% off sale price.
I paid after it passed customs, all I needed was the tracking number. Although I had to contact Purdeys as they did not initially send the tracking.
I called UPS beforehand and paid with CC.
Post some more pics guys, I unfortunately won't be able to pick mine up until at least Friday.
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