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Picked up the Crewneck, I can post pics when it comes in if anyone likes. Can anyone comment on the quality/material/fit of the Shawl sweater?
For the guy asking about the Slim Fit vs Slim Narrow I sized up 1 on the Narrow. Has anyone seen/can comment on these items?
Huge order just came in from my employee discount proxy. The jeans for comparison before I hand off the Slim Fit and Skinny. Included my second wave Japanese Slim Fit Rigid. Woman's Japanese skinny jeans, 2 year old Japanese Slim Fit Rigid, American Slim Fit Rigid, Slim Narrow. 2 year old Japanese Slim Fit Rigid, American Slim Fit Rigid, Slim Narrow.
Have any sites posted fit pics of the Slim-Narrow Jean?
Any update? Have the Tecks arrived? I am interested in the Mogano color, what is the timeframe for that looking like?
They look great! Please post pics when you wash them.I have a pair and am debating whether to wash them for the fades or dry clean them to try and attempt to preserve the dark color. Should have bought two pairs haha.
So much variance in sizing, did anyone else size similar to the Marlow wingtips?I've been looking for a half size down from my Marlow size for a little while now, if they do fit identically I could pick up a pair now haha.
It seems like RL has stopped making C&J cordovan outside of the different types of marlows, at least nothing has been put up on the site in a while. Am I wrong? Are they producing any new styles?
Thanks!Any idea how the 341 last fits on the Peel and Co? I am a slightly wide 11 on the Brannock and 10.5 in Barrie.
How warm are the coated terry sweatpants? Enough for Canadian winter? Also has anyone seen the souvenir jacket in person?
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