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New patch is definitely thicker leather, but I don't get a cardboard feel from it at all. Also it definitely is not just starch, the weave is different as well as being heavier. They both can have their purpose like summer and winter use, but to me the new denim is far superior, I would put it a few notches below Samurai. Also forgot to mention the fit is slightly different, the 2 different back tags I've tried on have been slightly looser on the waist and a lot looser on...
Figured since you guys are always so helpful I'd post a comparison of the Slim Fit Rigid. The red USA tag denim definitely feels heavier, stiffer, and higher quality. Keep in mind the red tags have been worn, while the black tags have not. [[SPOILER]]
Picked up a pair of black/white sole CP from SB. Thinking of going back for some KVA, how do they fit? I have wide feet and don't size down in CP (44) and Lanvins (10), and have to size up in Gats (44.5/45), still 1 full size down? Also any pics of the extended lace panel ones being worn?
I hate RL.com pics, it seems like they fail to portray the item accurately only half the time. I found these on Dave's eBay store of the Lambswool Crewneck and the blue look greyer and the green looks brown, which set of pics represent the actual color of these sweaters? Also can anyone comment on the sizing/quality of the Powell I also picked up the charcoal cashmere crew and peacoat, love both pieces.
Not close to an RRL store at all, in Canada. Tried calling RL.com and they located a pair in a NY store, rep called but the manager didn't want to help.
Picked up the Black Slim Fits in 32x34 for $190 and they mistakenly shipped a 29x34. Now there are no 32x34 in stock...
Thanks Deez, got your pm. The distressing, although minimal, is still throwing me off. Placed an order a week ago and it still has not shipped Does anyone own the Powell Boot? Thoughts on quality, fit, maker, versatility? Also anyone interested in seeing some pics from the empire state look book should checkout the RL post on NT.
They had a $125 off $500 during black friday. That on top of the bizrate 10% got it down to that price.
Picked up the Slim Fit Black, Rigid, and pair of polo gloves for under $390. Also picked up the RRL Pea Coat and Charcoal Cashmere Sweater. Still on the fence about the Cotton Anderson Workshirt, I like how it looks on the site but in real pics it seems like it's more distressed. Can anyone comment on it?
Considering they're offering $125 off $500 and 10% off with CSS2946, it seems like right now would be a decent time to purchase some Icon pieces that don't make it to sales..
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