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Great pickups! How much were the Islay and Coniston at the Factory Shop?
Shame considering they have yet to be worn.
Does anyone know what the cause of this is or how to fix it?
Size 10? Saw those two days ago, wish they were 11 haha. They have distressed leather side zips in 11 for $350 if anyone is interested in those.
For the 202 fans, apparently later in the year EG will release a russett suede and also a mink suede Galway both on the 202 last.
Looking to pick up a pair of single tone Galways. Any recommendations on what would be the most versatile colour way? Also, is direct from EG the best place for purchase?
Yeah, Yoox said it was large to size also so I got a 50. I found it was pretty tight across the chest and arms, I could barely bend my arms and since it was quilted I didn't think it would stretch much. Luckily a 52, which is my 5 zip size, popped up so hopefully it fits better.
Heads up, MMM runway perfecto in 50 going back to Yoox as it was too small, exchanging for the 52. Nice heavy calf, quilted, riri zips, and great price. I imagine it should be popping back up on the site soon.
They have enough infrastructure to have their "[own] security team," yet can't inform customers or hold the product? Granted I'm not as familiar with the industry as you, but a little consideration towards customers from any business is greatly appreciated.Regardless, it sucks but it happens, hopefully they honour the 30% code haha. Only item I really wanted was a pair of Navy cotton and linen MMM trousers, not even the store in Rome had them. Anyone see a 50 for a good...
Oki-Ni canceled my order because they couldn't "verify payment as it did not pass our security team's checks." Yet, they didn't even bother to inform or email me until I inquired about the order a week later. Apparently they "do not currently have the facility to inform our customers of any cancelled or returned orders." Terrible business practice. Now the items are gone.
New Posts  All Forums: