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Yeah those Coffee suedes look fantastic and are mighty tempting, however, I'm not sure I'm in the market for suede at the moment. More interested in a brown grain or calf. Does EG do GMTO like C&J?Additionally, I commonly see calf (smooth) uppers with grain shafts, but does the reverse of this exist?
Have only seen the coffee suede 202s from Leffot. I think it's a great balance between the 64 and 82.
My mistake. Good news, was there in Jan and rep told me they stopped carrying RRL and Black Label but we're getting PL in.
Does any store currently carry the Galway in a 202?
Not anymore
Thanks, the white ones are sold out in my size but finally managed to pick up the black GATs.
Not my size unfortunately.
Thanks! The Indigo are probably my least favourite/worn pair, I would have probably sold them by now if I didn't get them tapered below the knee. Also a few months ago I attempted to purchase the "black" gunmetal ones from a sf member's ebay account but due to a last minute glitch I couldn't get the bid through.
They definitely look great but personally I'm not into the semi-broguing, either all out or plain for me.I do have a buddy that might be interested, I'll forward the post to him.
I'd be interested in a plain ol' Coniston. The Dundee GMTO looks great tho.Was initially thinking of picking up the stock Harlech in shell but aesthetically and fit-wise the 325 on the Coniston is so much better, to me at least.
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