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The plain black and whites look decent......but not worth the $150 price hike on Sneakerboy for the stamped croc.Edit: Apologies for the double post.
Have you seen it already?
I know they don't ship them to NA but were the arenas or pleated high Balenciagas included during the Sneaker Boy sale?
Did anyone who ordered from Sneaker Boy get hit with customs?
Hows the Corner with customs/duties? Are the in EU or US? If EU do they deduct VAT?
I placed my SB orders on the 24th and 25th. Both are still under "New Order" status. It seems like they ship orders outside of NA first.Didn't try on the mulitlace, just the sidelace and back zip. I'm a 11 in Jordan/Nike, 10 in Lanvin, 44 in CP, 44.5 in MMM, 10.5 Alden Indy, and a true 11 on the brannock device. In the KVAs I could fit into a 42, it was tight and preferred the 43 but still, they fit huge.
I know it was Christmas but has anyones Sneaker Boy order shipped yet? I had a chance to try on the KVA and they fit 1-1.5 sizes big, glad I sized down.
New patch is definitely thicker leather, but I don't get a cardboard feel from it at all. Also it definitely is not just starch, the weave is different as well as being heavier. They both can have their purpose like summer and winter use, but to me the new denim is far superior, I would put it a few notches below Samurai. Also forgot to mention the fit is slightly different, the 2 different back tags I've tried on have been slightly looser on the waist and a lot looser on...
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