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Picked up my Marlows through KushDryGoods at an amazing discount. Great guy to deal with and hassle free service, and this was with shipping to Canada which is always a headache. Now if only they sold the PTB online...
Leg opening is 8" Updated the original post.
Has anyone seen the summer oxfords? How see-through are they?
Anyone buy the Farley during the 65%? Thoughts?
Thanks stevent, the gf appreciates the pics. Now she's hassling me to put an order in haha
stevent any pics of your girlfriend's Iron Ore shirt? My girl is interested in that and the Calico
You would most likely need a 42
Doesn't look that bad. The boatneck doesn't seem that noticeable under a shirt.
Any idea how much the brown bag on the 3rd column, bottom row was going for?
Has anyone seen the Farley Work Jacket in person yet? Apparently it's selvedge twill?
New Posts  All Forums: