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Has anyone seen these in person yet? Any pics/info? http://www.purdey.com/clothing-accessories/mens-grain-leather-boot-with-dainite-sole-boot8.aspx
Yup. Picked up the Light Tan Coniston last time and paid about $30 in duty. Currently picked up the Dark Brown Grain Coniston for $380, would have picked up the Rough Out Nubuck also but they didn't have my size.
C&J for relatively cheap at Purdey. www.purdey.com
No one has mentioned the sale at Purdey? C&J for relatively cheap. www.purdey.com
100 euro shipping. This beats Canada.
Has anyone visited the outlets in Spain and Italy? Any thoughts, comments, tips?
Same exact sizes here. Add in Lanvin 10, SLP 44 (could do 44.5 if they existed), and Y-3 11.
How's farfetch with returns?
Those were sitting at $228USD and looks like no one bought so they decided to raise it to $355USD lol
Coniston MTO anyone?
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