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Both my Purdey Conistons were so very comfortable out the box. Do C&J branded ones use a different footbed?
Any recommendations for top notch clobbers in or around the city? Looking for a good winter topy for one boot and potentially converting another from Dainite to Commando, if possible.
Healthcare and and 120ml bottles of Aventus for $58.99CAD ($43.60USD) at Costco last month.
No code.
For the Canadians, decent size run of the the off-white clown jizz gats on sale at Antonioli for $266 CAD (€186) shipped to Canada. They ship DHL, not sure if that's an issue, I typically never ship to Canada. Price is much higher when selecting USA shipment
Just as I was in the middle of placing an order. Unfortunate but understandable.
After reading through sizing advice on various sites, which typically recommended sizing up, I decided to order a pair of Guidi's in 45 (11 Brannock, 11 Nike/Adidas, 10 Lanvin, 45 MMM, 44 CP, 10.5 Alden/Edward Green, 10 C&J). I chose the 986 unlined in large kangaroo full grain. They arrived today and fit really big lengthwise, with a good 1" of extra room, it's really noticeable. The width is snug but not uncomfortable and I would assume they'd stretch. I'll be returning...
Hey, the LK, at least as of 2015 is a soft Lamb Nubuck. Also, at least as of 2016 LN is what looks like a slightly distressed Lamb Nubuck as well. The difference between the LK and LN is that on the LK you can change the direction of the fibers, typical of suede and nubuck, and it is not distressed at all. The LN has shorter fibers, the direction can not be changed or at least it is not as noticeable, and there is a slight distressing as the texture is a tad rougher to the...
Need to take in the sleeves a few inches on a RO jacket, any recommendations for a leather tailor in Toronto?
Sorry, just purchased it, not literally "picked it up." Won't be able to see it for another 2-3 weeks. I just wanted a heads up (again, not literal) as to what to expect. It came out F/W 2015 in the Sphinx collection but all my searches came up empty on further information.
New Posts  All Forums: