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Recent pickups. Most items are from my proxy at great discounts - thanks dude! - and green crew is from stu00a. The shawl cardigan is great but pills like crazy. On the first wear alone it pilled more than any other RL/RRL sweater I've owned but at under $200 I'm not complaining.
Downtown Harry Rosen carries RRL, but it's overpriced like everything else there. I just found a reliable RL proxy that ships overnight to Canada and save a ton of money.
Anyone know of any stores with the olive cable-knit shawl cardigan in medium? If I were to call a store and ask them to do a search would i need a style number?
How did the Quilted Hunter Green fit? Slim like some of the new pieces? Did you size up?
Perfect. So how should I proceed with the form in the email? or should I just email you?
Sorry, I meant 1 order of the Ravello cordovan. So if it's possible to put the $300 towards that it would be great.
Thanks for the response Mike. I ordered 3 pairs of the cordovan sneaker and I only want to keep 1 order. I was wondering if instead of receiving a refund for the other two pairs, if it was possible to include the extra $200 towards the preordered pair. Since I am in Canada It would be more convenient since I would be losing on the currency exchange multiple times. Please let me know if this is possible.
So, if we decide to stay with the preorder for the cordovan it says we will be contacted by the end of January when the samples are completed correct? Will we be given the option to proceed or cancel then, when we can actually see the sneakers, or is this it? Also, in the picture with the 3 cordovan swatches you are holding the whiskey sample right? The ravello will be darker?
Ordered the oxblood, black, and congac. Wish the cigars came back in stock.
will there be a restock on cigar? Seems like the option to select it is back but still says sold out.
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