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LN-CC charging DDP on orders under $800 to the US? Does that make sense?
Haha sounds like a typical underdog story. Have to commend them for standing up to big business wanting to put their thumb on the smaller guy. RRL doesn't really seem to fit in to their catalog anyway, which I always imagine as more European. They may not follow the rules or be organized at times (wrong shipments anyone?) but every time I've had to contact them their service has been top notch and without the slightest hint of pretension.Speaking of TBS, does anyone know...
Thanks dude! I'll try out a 11.5
Can we get more on this?Terrible service and deceptive advertising. Tried adding a ton of stuff to my cart and only a shitty pair of adidas was discounted.
Compared to? Feel like I don't even know my TTS anymore...CP 44 (44.5 would be ideal)MMM 45SLP 44Lanvin 10
Is half the site excluded? Seems like it.Also in Canada and code doesn't work. Ordered last week also. Try sending them an email.
Best place to pick up Qasas? How's the sizing?
Just picked up some CPs. It could just not be working for the US site.
Thought the new look-books were supposed to be more readily available to customers, is there anywhere to download it?
Thanks OP. Picked up a MMM cardholder for $50 - needed a new one as the leather on my RLPL one is beginning to tear - and MMM shirt for $120. Also managed to snag a pair of low white GATS during the first $100 off $200 round of discounts.
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