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100 euro shipping. This beats Canada.
Has anyone visited the outlets in Spain and Italy? Any thoughts, comments, tips?
Same exact sizes here. Add in Lanvin 10, SLP 44 (could do 44.5 if they existed), and Y-3 11.
How's farfetch with returns?
Those were sitting at $228USD and looks like no one bought so they decided to raise it to $355USD lol
Coniston MTO anyone?
Coniston MTO anyone?
Definitely. I didn't mind the initial price I paid and if they were upfront about it I would not have had any issue. Now I feel deceived, and quite frankly like they scammed me out of a measly $50.I tired emailing them and instead of explaining or actually responding to any of my questions they just repeatedly direct me to their Taxes and Duties FAQ. Not a great way to do business. Won't be shopping there anymore.
That's terrible. On my order these are the following charges when shipped to the US or the UK:Price before "DDP" is $225.83 shipped to the US.Price shipped to the UK is £151.67, or $221.64 USD.DDP charge is $54.17 shipped to the USTax charge is £30.33 shipped to the UK, or $44.31.It seems extremely disingenuous calling it a DDP charge when in reality there would be no duties or customs, instead we're paying for VAT charge which should be exempt.
Thanks picked something up!Anyone know if LNCC refunds DDP/VAT on orders under $800 to the US?Also, how is the shipping to Canada? No extra duties/customs charges because of the DDP?
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