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Doesn't look that bad. The boatneck doesn't seem that noticeable under a shirt.
Any idea how much the brown bag on the 3rd column, bottom row was going for?
Has anyone seen the Farley Work Jacket in person yet? Apparently it's selvedge twill?
Have placed numerous orders with KDG and have never had a problem.
Two RRL workshirts in size M
How much have they stretched? How's the color in person? I've seen them listed as olive but look grey to me, I've also seen some pics where they look like denim/indigo.Also, for anyone interested I've seen this in person and the color isn't as vibrant as the pics, it was more washed out and faded.
I recall the indigo buckleback and olive herringbone being discussed, did I miss where these were mentioned?
Has anyone seen these in person? Thoughts on them?
Are those the new Clydes?
What are you thoughts on the fleece sweater? Worth the price?
New Posts  All Forums: