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Even the LCW Calf? That's disappointing, I was hoping they would be similar since Antonioli used the same pictures for both.
Does anyone know if there is difference between the Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter LCW leather on jackets, specifically the RU16S3764-LCW and RU16F6794-LCW on the Stooges? Is weight a possibility? Has anyone handled both?
At least you got the jacket for $750. Placed my order as soon as it was reduced but they canceled it, said it was an issue with payment. Called my CC company and they said there was no issue, in fact they even charged the card twice and both went through. Emailed the store and nothing.Which calf was the jacket, LCW?
What's the consensus of the Italist? Site seems glitched, I can't navigate to the second page of any brand and can't change my shipping country. Tried googling it and it seems like mixed reviews. Does anyone have any experience with it?
Fok ends up derailing the sales thread days after his initial post, love it.
5 Mediums available on the US site now.
Thanks, I've been looking for that specific coat. Also, that shirt is denim and supply, that should be enough to not purchase due to quality.
#blackfridaysmatterOnly been once and they were nice enough but the store has terrible buys.
40-50% off Guidi is not bad. Rest is underwhelming, most of the stuff on my wishlist can be found cheaper elsewhere.
Yup pretty shady.Roden Gray has Achilles Mids in White, Black, Grey, and Navy for ~$305cad (~$225usd).http://rodengray.com/collections/common-projects
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