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Those look great! Thanks for the pics, glad I picked up a pair.
Looks like a pointier last or am I mistaken? Could be the angle? too bad there is only one picture.
Are the calf Purdey definitely the Coniston? Toe looks a little more narrow? I tired on the grain Coniston the other day and they were great
Are they actually the Conistons? Toe looks a little less round?
Has anyone seen this in person?
ok, ordered the blank night. Still not too optimistic about actually getting it.
Um which one? Also ordered a Schneider 5 lol
Has anyone seen the Carhartt Brown Clydes in person? Thoughts?
Keep missing out on white or black GATs in 45 haha
After over a year of waiting, price increase, 30% increase in price due to the drop in Canadian currency, and over $250 customs bill, can't help but say I'm slightly underwhelmed. Added to all this one of the shoes has a major flaw, a huge indent in the leather in a very noticeable spot.
New Posts  All Forums: