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Could be a store make up and maybe why they are on clearance. It sounds like a very good deal. Do they ship to the us and have a 10UK?
Yup. DHL, plus Canada's unpredictable customs. I'm good. Total cost would end up around what I paid for my pairs of non slip-on gats. Still a good deal, just not for me.
No one wins with 30 euro shipping
Also slip-on gats for $130. Both black and white colour-ways and lots of sizes.
Wow, after watching that video I thought this post was going to go in a whole other direction.
Lots of prices actually went up on MrP. Belt I bought for $30 is now $80.
I have a few Schneider shirts but do not own any trousers. Would a 6 be the equivalent to a 34/50?
How do they fit?
The app typically showed lower prices at 80% since the retail prices displayed were lower for some reason. However, in cart the same issue with the website persisted, the discount was not properly applied.
I did use the app. Forgot about ebates, should have used it instead. Had some downtime and called, they're adjusting to the website prices now. We'll see how that turns out. I casually mentioned the price difference between platforms, didn't make a thing about it. The difference between app and site on my orders is about an extra $60-70 total. Also, that "prior to the beginning of the 80% drop" excuse is bullshit. It's not like they had a countdown or let the public know...
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