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Sorry, just purchased it, not literally "picked it up." Won't be able to see it for another 2-3 weeks. I just wanted a heads up (again, not literal) as to what to expect. It came out F/W 2015 in the Sphinx collection but all my searches came up empty on further information.
How's the quality of RO nubuck leathers? Just picked this up. RU15F7762 LK
Has anyone handled the Lamb Mollino from Sphinx F/W 15? Code is RU15F7762 LK. Thoughts on leather and sizing would be appreciated.
Have C&J changed the colour of the stock Coniston from a light tan to a darker brown or is the photo on the website just really bad?
Got a new pair of Lanvin and the toebox seems a lot less roomy. Also, there are a few tiny changes in the finishing I've been noticing recently, mostly in the inside lining and tongue.
Anyone interested in a Conistion MTO? Also, what is the best way to order a stock model from the UK?
Right, because price references are completely useless in a sales thread, unlike inane comments.
Nice, tan grain?
How much were they? Don't see them on the site.
Great pickups! How much were the Islay and Coniston at the Factory Shop?
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