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No one wins with 30 euro shipping
Also slip-on gats for $130. Both black and white colour-ways and lots of sizes.
Wow, after watching that video I thought this post was going to go in a whole other direction.
Lots of prices actually went up on MrP. Belt I bought for $30 is now $80.
I have a few Schneider shirts but do not own any trousers. Would a 6 be the equivalent to a 34/50?
How do they fit?
The app typically showed lower prices at 80% since the retail prices displayed were lower for some reason. However, in cart the same issue with the website persisted, the discount was not properly applied.
I did use the app. Forgot about ebates, should have used it instead. Had some downtime and called, they're adjusting to the website prices now. We'll see how that turns out. I casually mentioned the price difference between platforms, didn't make a thing about it. The difference between app and site on my orders is about an extra $60-70 total. Also, that "prior to the beginning of the 80% drop" excuse is bullshit. It's not like they had a countdown or let the public know...
Really shouldn't be a need for screenshots if they were on the ball. It was kind of ridiculous having two sets of prices, i.e. RRL jeans $49 on app and $55 on site, Lanvin runners $219 on app and $150 on site. Highest price discrepancy on my order last night are the $35 mmm tees for almost $80, rest of the prices are still incredible. Can't beat giela vag for beater prices
We use colour or humour in Canada, but never heard of "patients" used in that manner. Regardless, phone cs said the prices would be fixed, yet they sent this in the morning. Seems a bit disingenuous, but it's not like the order is super important anyways. I would never leave anything I really wanted to hit 80%.
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