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The mansion on Saint-Germain carries RRL
On a Large the sleeves are 21.5 Underarm to End of Cuff / 34 Mid Back to End of Cuff. They're roll back cuffs so I imagine they are somewhat forgiving.Great material and weave. I'm usually between sizes in RRL and decided to go with a large. It ended up being slightly too loose so it's up on the marketplace if anyone is interested.
Indigo-dyed crewneck sweater knit from durable cotton. Crew neckline. Long sleeves with ribbed turn-back cuffs. Ribbed hem. 100% cotton Sleeves: 21.5 Underarm to Cuff / 34 Mid Back to Cuff Shoulders: 17.5 Chest: 21.5 Length: 26.5 Shipping - $10 to Canada/USA
Both the white tag and pocket bag of mine say Slim Narrow
Went TTS (brannock) on CPs and they were still a tight fit. A close friend sized down on his Achilles Low which resulted in extreme discomfort and even cuts on his feet. Luckily the leather on CPs are so soft they'll eventually stretch.
Picked up the Crewneck, I can post pics when it comes in if anyone likes. Can anyone comment on the quality/material/fit of the Shawl sweater?
For the guy asking about the Slim Fit vs Slim Narrow I sized up 1 on the Narrow. Has anyone seen/can comment on these items?
Huge order just came in from my employee discount proxy. The jeans for comparison before I hand off the Slim Fit and Skinny. Included my second wave Japanese Slim Fit Rigid. Woman's Japanese skinny jeans, 2 year old Japanese Slim Fit Rigid, American Slim Fit Rigid, Slim Narrow. 2 year old Japanese Slim Fit Rigid, American Slim Fit Rigid, Slim Narrow.
Have any sites posted fit pics of the Slim-Narrow Jean?
Any update? Have the Tecks arrived? I am interested in the Mogano color, what is the timeframe for that looking like?
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