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LC seems to be goat. Not sure what LVT, I'm guessing some sort of treated lamb, but it looks vey plastic-y.
C&J Coniston and Purdey Coniston Wish the C&J one was lighter.
Recieved the email but I could not find the sale. Email link just leads to a page that says "no products available".
Any real world pics of the Conduct Anorak or review? Thinking of picking it up.
Lamb is typically thin enough as is. Personally see no point of owning an even thinner variant. I'm glad it has its place and that someone is buying it, just won't be me
Good to know. I've been avoiding any leather with a "G" because I thought they were glass.
Has anyone been credited by Mr Porter yet? I'm really sick of dealing with them. They say one thing on the phone and then do another. I was credited $30 on a $460 order that should have been $330 and $16 on a $80 order that should have been $35. I'm so fed up with their cs.
Sohosoho, or is there another Soho? Don't see it. Also, the lamb thing on END must be a mistake, does not look like lamb.LGW is supposed to be "Glass" leather, no? Really thin.
Emailed customer service asking if there was any difference in weight between the S/S and F/W LCW leathers. CS said they both use identical leather. So it does seem like they might be going seasonless for some jackets. Also, END has a LCW Stoogies for $979 in 50 for anyone inserted.
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