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Post pics when you do!Also has anyone seen the Livingston boot in person? Thoughts? Who makes them Cheaney?
Has anyone seen either of these sweaters in person?
Yes, lets purchase everything at full price so no one gets one over on us...
It definitely could, and has in fact happened before, but this is the exact same store where the item was $100 cheaper before the sale. The 30% off code brings it down to around the same price it was before. You'd be surprised how many companies employ this tactic to pray on individuals that like getting "deals."
^ Funny, they increased the price on an item I was watching by 40%. Great "sale" Farfetch...
Does La Garconne have any sales around this time?
I know farfetch says duties are included but anyone from Canada order and get hit with hidden fees? Also, anyone in Canada order from La Garconne?
The mansion on Saint-Germain carries RRL
On a Large the sleeves are 21.5 Underarm to End of Cuff / 34 Mid Back to End of Cuff. They're roll back cuffs so I imagine they are somewhat forgiving.Great material and weave. I'm usually between sizes in RRL and decided to go with a large. It ended up being slightly too loose so it's up on the marketplace if anyone is interested.
Indigo-dyed crewneck sweater knit from durable cotton. Crew neckline. Long sleeves with ribbed turn-back cuffs. Ribbed hem. 100% cotton Sleeves: 21.5 Underarm to Cuff / 34 Mid Back to Cuff Shoulders: 17.5 Chest: 21.5 Length: 26.5 Shipping - $10 to Canada/USA
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