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I remember a post from you... at least, I think (hope?) it was you... four or five years ago where you mentioned you had just discussed having kids with your wife and she wasn't really about it at that time because of her career or something. I recall feeling unusually sad for you, because it sounded like you were totally ready to start that phase of your life. Glad to see that things panned out for you.
How much do you pay each month?
This. I'm a little surprised there's not more weight loss happening at 2,200 cals/day. I imagine you are, too. But I don't know if the answer is to drop calories even further when you still have a ways to go. If you were only 10 pounds away, then sure, go for it. But 30? What happens when you stall out 10 pounds from now? Drop calories even further and then stall out not long after that? I tried this years ago and it works, but I felt totally miserable by the end and I...
I'll add that at the end of my cut, I looked better than I had at 199, but I didn't have much muscle. From the front, you would assume maybe I was a runner or something. Traps, delts, chest were all really underwhelming. I didn't even have visible abs! In retrospect, I got way too caught up in what the scale said.
Had my 12th weekly weigh-in this morning. Through 11.5 weeks, down 32 pounds and 6.5" in the waist. I zig-zag calories, but my daily average breaks down to about 2,500 calories. If I were going strictly by weight lost, I would be tempted to drop calories. But I've got probably 25 more to go and given that I continue to make progress with measurements, I won't drop calories until I stall out in both weight and measurements. I checked what my average calories were three...
How much faster are you looking to drop weight? Isn't it the consensus that after dropping some water weight, two pounds a week is more or less the most you should aim to lose? And what's the hurry? I'd understand if it were March and you were looking to be poolside ready for summer, but it's now June and you've got 30 pounds to go. I would guess that's about how much I'll need to drop, too, but I have no delusions that it won't be fall by time that happens.
A lot of scales do this. I almost never get an accurate first reading on mine.
Damn, that's a lot of weight. How have the other things such as waist measurement been going?I shed a lot of weight quickly the first few weeks, but it's slowed down a lot since early April. Only about 10 pounds since the first week of April, but I keep losing in the waist; about 4 inches in that time. I originally thought I'd need to drop about 70 pounds when I started. But right now, I'm only 4 inches bigger in the waist than I was at my lightest three years ago, but a...
Are they still making the tencel boxer briefs? Easily the best fitting and most comfortable I've ever worn; in need of a re-up and they are completely gone from the site.
I used to take dandelion root every day with minimal changes. I took a dose on Tuesday and have been pissing like every 10 waking minutes since. I actually had to cancel plans tonight!
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