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Are they still making the tencel boxer briefs? Easily the best fitting and most comfortable I've ever worn; in need of a re-up and they are completely gone from the site.
I used to take dandelion root every day with minimal changes. I took a dose on Tuesday and have been pissing like every 10 waking minutes since. I actually had to cancel plans tonight!
That's not that bad. I was dropping four or five pounds a week the first few weeks of my cut, but that's because I was starting from a place of fatness and inactivity. It's transitioned to two or fewer pounds a week the last six weeks. Progress is progress.And what about stuff like waist measurement? To put things into context, I dropped about 20ish pounds in the first four weeks, cutting 3" off the waist. I've only dropped nine pounds over the last six weeks, but have...
I was dropping four or five pounds a week the first three weeks of mine, but that was coming from near total inactivity and awful diet. It's steadied to about two pounds a week since then. Could definitely be more if my sodium was lower and I was eating more vegetables. At this rate, I'm figuring I'll be in a really good place by early September, which is just fine by me considering where I was two months ago.
I watched pretty much every minute of the 2004 NBA Finals, which I will forever associate with the cry, "LET'S GET IT STARTED IN HEAR-UH, LET'S GET IT STARTED IN HEAR-UH!"
There was a Maroon 5 cutout in front of a coconut water display in conjunction with some sort of promotion at a nearby store a couple months ago. A few weeks later, the cutout was gone and there was a trashcan in its place, which I thought was unintentionally fitting.
This was often my problem. Not stopping it at one cheat meal. I've been having less trouble with that this go around, mostly because a lot of the junk food just remains unappealing to me. There was cake today at the mother's day gathering and I passed, not because of my goals, but because it didn't even sound good. And I was always the guy who'd take that last piece on the platter at these things.
I'm softening in my old age in that whatever means gets people physically active is fine by me. Crossfit seems like a trend, but it also seems to offer an easy access point to gym life for a lot of people, so whatever.
Let's talk about how dadbods are now "in." The article about, which I'm too lazy to link to and fuck you go find it yourself, seems to boil down to: dadbods are sexy because women are insecure and don't want to be the less hot half of the relationship.
Thanks. I'm not being too hard on myself. I know were it not for the kick in the ass I described in this thread a couple months ago, I wouldn't have had the discipline to clean up my diet like I have. As for training, well, it was really just a matter of getting back to the gym. Within a week I was reminded what a privilege it is to be able to train.
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