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I don't know how anyone handles living with a cat still in possession of its front claws. Ex got a kitten months ago and it was nothing but snagged clothing and nicked up ankles for me.
Sq4you stand-in?
If there was ever a time to answer the question, "Is nicelynice ever not smiling," tonight is it.
A lot of people swear by Monistat for speeding up hair growth. (0)
If you own this, atone for your foolish retail mistake and pass it along to me. I will most likely pay more than $1.
Also, the lamb was thin, but really veiny in some spots, while the calf was like armor.
I, too, own several bathrobes that end at my waist. I used to wear them to get the mail, but got tired of all the catcalls.
Yeah, it looks like if he exhales, the button is gonna go shooting across the room while making one of those sounds like a gun going off in an old Western movie.
He isn't. The North Koreans shut down his movie and... oh wait.
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