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I'm picturing a scenario similar to this.
Magnificent sequencing.
Twins? Pete putting the "MAN" in "shoreman1782."
kunk's beard is awesome and his arms are longer than my entire body. They almost looked shopped onto his own body!
Similar deal where I live, but it's even funnier, because I think they're technically subsidized housing, despite being some of the nicer apartments I've been in around here. The maximum you can make to live here is stupid low, but almost everyone has a really nice car. Of course, a bunch of them are owned by Saudi kids, so I don't doubt that their own incomes are low; they just from well-to-do families.Acquaintance of mine posted on FB a few days ago that his dad hit a...
I guess I have Instagram, but I've only posted twice in more than two years and one of them is just a picture of a sweet potato. Maybe I'll change that. http://instagram.com/hotfishgreaseouch
"Show this card at any participating Orlando-area Exxon station to get your free "Save the Tiger" poster."
moo's dad jokes.
Echoing everyone above, jet. I know there's a legit dude under that ePersona you've got here. Coincidentally, today marks 14 years since I lost my dad, and while we were not all that close, it's still one of the most trying experiences someone can endure. Keep your head up, man.
Tatras bomber is way better priced than I expected, and of course, it's already sold out in my assumed size.
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