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I'm facing the same trouble and I'm not even messing with sites with stuff priced like that. I've never had really nice stuff, aside from a pretty cool mod dresser set I picked up at an estate sale years back. But I've moved a few times in the last five years, each time opting to leave behind or toss a lot of stuff. When I moved in with my then-girlfriend a couple years ago, I pretty much tossed the remainder of my furniture aside from a couch I had bought a few months...
I sure did!
The post count issue is just a red herring. The reason this whole thing blew is up is the same reason why it's blown up dozens of times before: Guy new to what we accept as SW&D comes in, sees what we've already been conditioned to or embrace, and is scared senseless by none of these looks adhering to the GQ-prescribed Way a Gentleman Should Dress. One of two things then happens: Guy has an open mind about exploring these completely foreign looks or he reacts to this...
I got a pair of black straight cuts back in 2009 that I really loved, but never quite attained that satisfaction with Uniqlo denim again. A grey pair of the tapered fit the following summer worked well for a while, but the low rise and my cannon ass proved to be poorly paired. From there, it seemed like every pair I got just had such a stupid low rise that the rest of the fit became immaterial to me.Still living in Levi's 508's these days, even though the rise is somewhat...
I wonder how many weeks he's in waiting for his ToJ DR to show up.
jfc, toasty, you do NOT have a receding hairline, or even a big forehead, if that photo is at all accurate.
Jawnz seem like child's plays when stacked against the financial rabbit hole that is home ownership.
If you have tracking, and it shows delivered, it doesn't matter what the buyer says, even if the item somehow didn't get to them. (i.e. neighbor stole the package from their porch)Also, for anyone on the receiving end of such a complaint, call eBay first thing in the morning (unless you want to be on hold for hours); working through one of these things through their resolution center is cumbersome and a riskier way to ensure you don't lose your money.
Somewhere in my inbox is a long string of messages with Synthese about hair care and styling. I've been using B&B products almost exclusively since then. I started with SumoWax, but found it too greasy and heavy for what I was trying to do. Been using Sumotech for probably the last three years. I think it's around $30 now, but a jar lasts me forever, since you only need a small amount, and I only use it every few days.
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