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WalMart made the stupid decision to price match Amazon listings effective this last weekend, and there's already people embarking on gaming the system that was inevitable with this announcement: "This new Wal-Mart policy sure bit them hard yesterday. A third party seller listed tons of XBox Ones for under a hundred dollars. People were flocking to Walmart for the price matches. A friend told me his cousin was there getting one, I said no way was Wal-mart going to price...
I'm honored that I unknowingly lobbed that one for naaaaate, forever cementing my spot in Styleforum history.
November-December have to be the most consistently great months for this thread each year. Most people are removed enough from summer temperatures but not yet entrenched in piles of snow and sub-zero weather where function trumps the fashions.
I've had the hankering for a tan overcoat for a few months and this did nothing to stunt that.
^"Most-thumbed post in SW&D history" potential.
Sleeves were a touch long on mine (CHECK THE SIG!!!), but not bad considering I apparently have T-Rex arms and most jackets and coats usually have sleeves that are at least a little too long for me.
Definitely a step up from Benes' previous fits, though I'm still not sold that he's cut out for Schneider.
APK is moving yet again and he's looking to help fray exciting expenses such as security deposits. Celebrate this seemingly annual occasion by adding the Richard Jacket, a Geller staple, to your closet, or more practically, your gosh darn body. Tagged a 52, the casual twist on a formal favorite lends itself to a variety of fits and body types. Not quite a 52? Well, wear it relaxed, you clod. It can be dressed down to casual wear while not seeming totally out of place at...
I only play video games that feature characters with hand tattoos.
I'd feel the same way as Fok, but I like reading his posts about Grailed guy, because his ownership of SF kind of forces him to be diplomatic in conveying, "I FUCKING LOATHE THIS GUY."
New Posts  All Forums: