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Thanks, Raz! Lot more substantial than I was expecting.
Glad this is back on. Finding anything comparable at a reasonable price has been a lot more difficult than I ever anticipated.
I usually get a side of chips with my triple-chicken naked burrito at Qdoba, because they've got the perfect mix of lime and salt. It's sadly one of the things I've come to look forward in the average week. A couple weeks back, I had to go back in TWICE because the chips had the consistency of stale body of the Christ crackers. When I took the second bag back, they told me that was all they had and I could either have a refund (lulz) or just get chips for free the next...
Sadly, they're probably going back. Something's going on with the insole in the left boot that makes it sound like I'm walking on a sticky movie theater floor with every step. The insoles aren't removable, either, so I'm not sure there's much I could do, short of sending them off to a cobbler.
Or wash them for that matter. Glad to see they rolled out the flannels with button-down collars this year. The two flannels I got last year were some of my most-worn shirts, but the floppy, lifeless collars always bothered me.
I finally checked out some of the stuff yesterday and felt underwhelmed like most everyone else. That shirt looked pretty good, but felt terrible, and the raw edgings on the shoulders looked closer to mall-level tacky than fashion forward. The color-block tees were OK, though I didn't realize the white portions of them were pique cotton. That color-block sweatshirt that noob posted a little while back felt decent, but I didn't get a chance to try it on.After all that, I...
Some decent W+H on Gilt right now, including that ombre knit from last F/W and that mac coat. I had the ombre knit in my cart, since that was one of the few things from that collection I liked - plus I have a lot of Gilt credits to burn - but opted against it, since virgin wool is too rough for my pampered skin.
My buddy was telling me about a co-worker he sits next to at work who was OBSESSED with dogs, especially Corgis. He had dog photos, calendars, etc. hanging in his work station, despite having never owned a dog since he'd never lived in a place where pets were allowed. But the guy recently bought a condo, and could thus fulfill his dream of owning a dog. A few weeks ago, the guy told my buddy he was going to be buying a Corgi that weekend. The following Monday, my friend...
This Converse conversation reminds me that I still need to buy some green Chucks for this wedding I'm in next week.
Haven't really liked how the JE tees look on you in the last two fits you've posted; too long and billowy in contrast to the bottom half, which creates this top-heavy silhouette.
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