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evergreen response to pretty much every OJ post.
I bought the black Tatras bomber the summer it came out, even though I was much too big for it at the time. I've lost considerable weight since then, but it's still a bit trim in the shoulders and upper sleeves for me, so I'm going to bite the bullet and part with it. Any interest in it? It's a Size 5, which I guess equates to a 50/52. Still has tags. Not trying to spam, but figured since this is a relatively rare piece, it might be of interest to someone.
Well that's not true. Didn't someone buy something online from them and attach a request for the shop to include a drawing of a dragon with their order and the shop COMPLIED?edit: nope, dinosaur
Someone's salty their fit got no love.
Actually, this is one way that eBay hasn't figured out how to guarantee payment from buyer. I'm sure a lot of you have noticed that many fixed price (buy it now) listings will remain available until the buyer actually pays for it. This isn't the case with the auction format or listings with the Best Offer option.As for buyer reputation on eBay; it's a joke. Sellers can't leave negative or neutral feedback, and it takes a TON of deviant behavior to get your buyer privileges...
ToG is so good at utilizing colors without looking like he had to murder a peacock to make it happen.
I'm in that weird phase of fat loss where stuff I've bought in the last year or so is getting much too big, but a lot of the stuff in my closet that had gotten too small isn't really to my liking anymore. Still trimming down, so probably gonna do a F/W of just buying a bunch of Old Navy and H&M, since it seems pointless to buy anything even moderately expensive right now. And not gonna lie: I tried on a pair of ON slim chinos that fit and looked better on me than...
Life got so much easier when I actively started avoiding virtually any IRL conversations about health and nutrition. YOU DO YOU, NAH MEAN?
I'd like to get in on the first page of this would-be epic thread, so I can look back with fond nostalgia years from now when people are questioning Charly's whereabouts and noting the influx of photos of fancy cars and high-end meals on his personal Instagram account.
I have a love-hate thing going with both IG and Tumblr. It's fun to scroll through the feed or suggested posts when I have some down time, but because neither format is very discourse friendly, it ends up feeling like a repetitive, almost homogeneous experience. And not that fashion/clothes have to be on the SZ level of discussion, but little or no conversation emerging from these photos, it all has a real vapid aura to it.
New Posts  All Forums: