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Thanks, guys. Definitely hurting right now, but I know a lot of it is just bruised ego. I did leave, after all, and had often thought about it before then, so it's not like I just got antsy in a satisfying relationship. I've gotta get a couple more things from the house later today, give back the key/garage opener, and then go invisible for a while. Thought I'd be OK with something like this, but it's consuming most of my days, so it's best to just do a clean break and...
And I didn't even mention that the first year of our relationship was complicated by the father of her children, who was kind of a fuck up and bipolar. She still thought incredibly highly of him after she ended things, but he never really got over it, and meddled in our situation often. Then he had a near-suicide attempt about 8 months into our relationship, followed by him actually sealing the deal one year later to do the day, which was only a few weeks after she and I...
Sappy post ahead!Well, she ended up getting a cool house with lots of potential around here. I got an apartment. We both still balked at ending it for good, so I was staying at the house for a few weeks. But naturally, things returned to usual not long after, and we were both preoccupied with other things to put much effort into it. I ended up moving a lot of my things out earlier this year, but still wasn't totally closed to figuring something out with her again. But...
Yes, but look at that spotless room.
I don't know if it's people picking on Benes so much as it is the chosen combination of clothes that sparks the critiques.
1970s wash "joke" is worse than any moo "joke" or meme.
Motion to have my user title changed to "sexless, shapeless mess."
God damn it, guys.
Drew visits Distorbiant in his hospital room, hands him the box, which a frail Distorbiant struggles to not drop, AND THEN...
This was not at all passive aggressive, and I commend you for that, sir.
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