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On the other end of the spectrum, I've been eating more meat in the last couple of weeks than the previous several months. Basically ditching protein powders unless in a pinch for quick protein. Feeling godly lately.
Stay back. I've had this stupid thing bookmarked for a couple months, but have been getting laid out by Unexpected Real Life Costs That Come from Being an Adult.
That's skimming quite close to what the combined damage of eBay and PayPal fees are. I don't know how well brands generally preferred around here and The Site That Shall Not Be Named do on eBay, but it seems like a similar cost for a lot less eyes to sell there over eBay going forward.
I'd rather listen to Migos than most of the retread East Coast-style "smart" rap bullshit out there. In fact, I do.
Didn't know we were talking about the B&S forums here.
Read this and immediately realized I forgot my lacrosse ball at the gym today. At least they're easily replaceable.
I've upgraded to a rumble roller, but myofascial release therapy is a life-saver for my hips and upper back, since I sit a lot of the day. Foam rollers aren't all that effective if you've got a specific trigger point bothering you, but for aiding general limberness, I dig 'em.
I've had a framed Deer Hunter poster in my possession for 10 years, but never hung it, because I'd rather people get to know me and find out that I'm insane rather than knowing it as soon as they visit my home.
I was eyeing that camel chesterfield, too. That's not really a style of coat that's generally meant to be all that warm, anyway, is it? Anyway, bought a few of the flannels on sale; feel nice, and the fit is mostly good. I could stand for the upper arms to be a bit bigger, since it's a pretty close fit on me in that area as they are.
One of the only things I remember about those Dayton boots is how uncomfortable they were. I loved how they looked, but I don't think I ever didn't hate them after 30 minutes of wear each time out. A rare non-pleb purchase for me last weekend: 4 Horsemen Supplies long belted cardigan Mostly cotton, so not very substantial, but feels a lot better than the standard mall fare. Plus, with the exchange rate, it was something like $150 shipped rather than $200. And if the...
New Posts  All Forums: