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If you have tracking, and it shows delivered, it doesn't matter what the buyer says, even if the item somehow didn't get to them. (i.e. neighbor stole the package from their porch)Also, for anyone on the receiving end of such a complaint, call eBay first thing in the morning (unless you want to be on hold for hours); working through one of these things through their resolution center is cumbersome and a riskier way to ensure you don't lose your money.
Somewhere in my inbox is a long string of messages with Synthese about hair care and styling. I've been using B&B products almost exclusively since then. I started with SumoWax, but found it too greasy and heavy for what I was trying to do. Been using Sumotech for probably the last three years. I think it's around $30 now, but a jar lasts me forever, since you only need a small amount, and I only use it every few days.
I'm running into this problem as I assemble my new living quarters. A lot of the modern stuff makes for nice Tumblr interior design fodder, but I can't see myself living in a space predominantly occupied by modern-inspired objects. I want to pull certain pieces from the aesthetic into the mix - I've been regretting not jumping on the Modernica white rocker when it was on Gilt many years back, even more so after reading more about the company - yet I don't find the overall...
The way the fur lines up with your face makes it look like the sweater should be called The Martin Van Buren.
Could not obtain proxy. But then, that's how I knew it wasn't true love, anyway. True love requires no proxy.
Years. Love.
I don't know how anyone handles living with a cat still in possession of its front claws. Ex got a kitten months ago and it was nothing but snagged clothing and nicked up ankles for me.
Sq4you stand-in?
If there was ever a time to answer the question, "Is nicelynice ever not smiling," tonight is it.
A lot of people swear by Monistat for speeding up hair growth. (0)
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