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@Portland Dry Goods Are you carrying XL in the shawl knit and homespun Bedford?
He was originally going for a Juris Doctor degree, but Styleforum convinced him that a Doctor of Juridical Science degree was way more baller and would nicely complement the Persian rug SF convinced him he needed, and now he's cracking under the pressure of the advanced workload.
I was just thinking this thread needed more snoopy and grizzlybear posts! We wouldn't want to let that stupid argument die a peaceful death or anything.
@conceptual 4est When do you guys expect to get the Geller stuff in, and what's the ballpark price on the robe?
Fuji has broad shoulders and pretty big traps. Those traits are going to come across in even more relaxed shirts, making the painted on ones unnecessary.
fuji's face there looks like he's in his late 30s. Had a dream that my back molar was suddenly loose and then just fell out as if I was a meth addict. Premonition or am I just stressed?!
If a shirt that isn't skin-tight obstructs others from seeing how jacked you are, then you probably aren't as jacked as you think you are.
Bummer. I would assume that means the navy and dark green are both like that, too, since tonio mentioned the herringbone was like that. The thing looks so cozy, but the appeal diminishes a lot for me if it's not nearly as comfortable as it looks.
This. These are the only jeans I've worn for the last two years. And the cut isn't slim throughout, so it isn't a case of the elastane permitting sausage-encasing. You can also experience a pretty radical shift in weight and not have the pants fit much differently anywhere.Good job, man. I know you were following the 200+ dream for a while, but I'll bet you look a lot better at your present weight. We've more or less swapped spots thanks to my training becoming almost...
Nah, aiming for the dark green at this point, mostly because I seem to always veer toward navy shirts and knitwear, which makes for repetitive outfits. The orange one is certainly a standout, but one that wouldn't look good on me with my lighter complexion.
New Posts  All Forums: