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Down 30 pounds after 7.5 weeks. I feel like I'm always eating, too, so it hasn't been a case of just starving myself. Incredible what getting back to the weights and cleaning up the diet can do. There shall be no beach body this summer, but things should be looking remarkably different by time the season's winding down. Comparing my starting pic to progress pictures from three years ago makes me almost disgusted that I let myself walk around like this for a year.
Had to use bumper plates and 25's to deadlift today because a couple of dudes were literally using every 45 in the gym. As I was walking to the parking lot, I could still hear the weights being slammed down from inside. Beasts.
Why would moo, a guy who never passed up an opportunity to tell us what losers we all were, care enough about what we thought to feel embarrassed?In the end, I guess it's fitting that moo would take offense to such a benign thread. Painting himself as the puzzled, innocent victim was pretty much all he did when you took out the dad jokes.
It can be a little trying to just enjoy the nice athletic butts while trying to look past the shilling of a bunch of different fat-burning teas.
I'm in Week 6 of cutting and have only had one planned cheat meal so far, which was only three slices of pizza. Outside of that, I've had maybe four or five small junk food items in that time, but nothing major. Also been keeping alcohol limited to maybe two light beers a week. Honestly, my starting weight was so awful this time around that I could probably get away with some junk here and there and still make OK progress for a while. And in the past, that's how I...
You can't ship First Class Mail through USPS's site.
Definitely worth it. You get discounted rates on First Class and Priority Mail.I use an UltraShip 75, which I really like, because you can detach the front so that the weight isn't obstructed if the thing you're weighing is really wide.
I was putzing around Target this weekend and saw some OK looking suit separates from one of their house brands. I almost never need to wear a suit or anything formal, so I'm probably going to get them in both grey and navy at some point, since they were like $90 for the full suit. They'd need some tweaks, but for $90, they felt and looked decent off the rack and that's all I really care about when it comes to formal wear.
I used to have pizza at least once a week, sometimes more, but I've only had it once in the last five weeks. And even that was just a couple slices instead of my usual slow destruction of the entire thing. I've never had so easy a time of avoiding junk food as I have during this time. The cravings just aren't even there, thank god, because a couple months ago, the idea of going more than a day or two without some junk food seemed inconceivable to me.
Right on. Chances are if you were together long enough, there were things you still liked about them, and good times were had. For me, there were many things I didn't like after a while, including some that I just think were too much a part of who she is that changing wasn't really realistic. She's a considerate person who will be loyal, but she's got a cold, detached way about her that is completely unlike how I am. I think her upbringing and her life in general has...
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