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I'm in that weird phase of fat loss where stuff I've bought in the last year or so is getting much too big, but a lot of the stuff in my closet that had gotten too small isn't really to my liking anymore. Still trimming down, so probably gonna do a F/W of just buying a bunch of Old Navy and H&M, since it seems pointless to buy anything even moderately expensive right now. And not gonna lie: I tried on a pair of ON slim chinos that fit and looked better on me than...
Life got so much easier when I actively started avoiding virtually any IRL conversations about health and nutrition. YOU DO YOU, NAH MEAN?
I'd like to get in on the first page of this would-be epic thread, so I can look back with fond nostalgia years from now when people are questioning Charly's whereabouts and noting the influx of photos of fancy cars and high-end meals on his personal Instagram account.
I have a love-hate thing going with both IG and Tumblr. It's fun to scroll through the feed or suggested posts when I have some down time, but because neither format is very discourse friendly, it ends up feeling like a repetitive, almost homogeneous experience. And not that fashion/clothes have to be on the SZ level of discussion, but little or no conversation emerging from these photos, it all has a real vapid aura to it.
Pulled sumo style for the first time. Goodbye, conventional.
I think for me it was just the realization that more times than not, it was hard to justifying in retrospect splurging on a non-mall-brand item relative to the contentedness it brought me. I wouldn't say that I was looking for material goods to bring me happiness, but there came a point where I had to look back with honest eyes on the purchases I'd made over the years.How frequently you wear something isn't the best indicator of whether the purchase was worth it, yet that...
There's always my love life to pick up the slack for that.
I feel like my tastes have almost come full circle in the seven years since I joined the forum. When I registered, I was fully immersed in the Hypebeast culture; lots of Nikes, graphic tees, hoodies. I'm not back there yet, but let's just say that I've bought more Nike shoes in 2015 than I had in the previous six. I've never had the disposable income to pick up numerous mid-tier and high-end clothes, yet I definitely did all I could to go against financial flexibility for...
I'm guilty of following a couple of the athletic rear ends themed IG accounts, but the fitness model culture on IG seems like little more than thinly-veiled product shills."Just had a killer booty workout, thanks to my @skinnybunny fat-boosting tea!"
Doing some much needed de-cluttering. I have this in a 50 (so more of a 52, because of the cut), but don't wear it anymore after using it a lot the year following its release. It has a couple of very small (sauce?) stains that are probably removable, and a small hole on the side near the hem, so it's not really something I want to sell. But if someone wants to pay for shipping, it's theirs.
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