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Vibskov [[SPOILER]]
Envious of el bert's copping power, but at least the contributions to this thread pay off.
Really bummed about this. I bookmark anything of interest, and over time, either buy it or watch it slowly slip away into the carts of others. Well, I had this one bookmarked for an epic 14 months. I'm not sure why. I adore the color blocking and the price was always nice. I finally swiped the ol' credit card a couple of weeks ago, but sadly, my year-long love affair with this shirt ended with me draping the unbelievably this-is-so-soft-it-can't-be-cotton cotton over me...
Suspension Point's business card is really, really nice. I felt like Patrick Bateman marveling at the design and heft of the card. Sadly, the shirt I ordered is REALLY trim everywhere, even though the measurements had me thinking it would actually be a bit TOO big. 0 for 1 in 2014.
More of an interest check due to me wanting to possibly allocate some funds for some of Razele's stuff. Nom de Guerre has become something of a cult classic around here since it folded shop a few years back. This is one of those pieces that would make you believe the hype. Heavy-duty, but not scratchy, wool, shawl collar cardigan. Medium-grey and with the craftsmanship that just doesn't exist in fast fashion. This will be one of the few times you don't mind people...
You're in Cali! Let someone who will actually get a chance to wear it outside win it!
What's sizing like on those OS trousers? Measurements on Greg's site accurate or are the pants trimmer than those measurements suggest?
melo, please advise how to tie those sleeve laces. I'm tired of almost getting caught in my car door.
Got more than $600 MIA due to an eBay transaction gone south. Guy sold a ton of stuff, went on a shopping spree, then disappeared, never mailing out any of the items. I'll get my money back from eBay's Money Back Guaranteed program, but I'm looking to take this to the guy's local authorities. Based on the kind of stuff he was selling and buying (non-clothes, FWIW), and the name linked to the PayPal account, I'm thinking this is a teen using his mom's information....
Not after it's sold out.
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