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I guess I'm curious who you were talking about then, since I'll admit I also originally thought you were talking about shah based on the way you phrased the original post. ("a certain member here" almost implies we are all familiar with the person).Who inspired the purchase?
We went to a party yesterday hosted by vegetarians, which is like a nightmare on a holiday such as the 4th. It was OK, though, because some dude with Andre The Giant hands showed up with 17 pounds of pulled pork that had been slow cooking in his oven all night. Those 17 pounds were GONE before even the smallest of side dish dip, pasta salad, not fucking meat dish. Win.
gettoasty got toasted.
It took me way too long to realize that's not berlin's hand on your right arm.
I have these. Very cool fabric, and much softer than I was expecting. Of course, I paid like $200+ for them, barely got to wear them this winter, and here they are, still in my size for $77.
It's frustrating moving away from denim to trousers while the cropped inseams are all the rage. It's not a flattering look on a lot of body types. I'd rather have the longer inseam so that cuffing were an option, since I think that's a more forgiving visual on a wider range of people.
Sorry, the kunk actually died a couple years after that post was made, so he doesn't need to worry about waistcoats and drop-crotch pants anymore because he's in a better place, goodnight, sweet prince.
I cringe when I see that first thread now because the face lift Styleforum got the following summer screwed up the formatting to the point where it looks like I was heavily intoxicated and maybe wearing an eye patch when I created it.
plz post time management tips. I'm wildly inefficient with my time.
Girlfriend of nearly three years is getting a bit house crazy, which would be fine, except she's recently decided she would like to get one closer to where she's from and where all of her family is. Beautiful area, but houses are $$$, easily twice what you could get around where we are now. I've never gotten the sense she's all that close with her family, so this sudden desire to be closer to them seems odd. I don't care much for them, either. Nice enough people, but not...
New Posts  All Forums: