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If a shirt that isn't skin-tight obstructs others from seeing how jacked you are, then you probably aren't as jacked as you think you are.
Bummer. I would assume that means the navy and dark green are both like that, too, since tonio mentioned the herringbone was like that. The thing looks so cozy, but the appeal diminishes a lot for me if it's not nearly as comfortable as it looks.
This. These are the only jeans I've worn for the last two years. And the cut isn't slim throughout, so it isn't a case of the elastane permitting sausage-encasing. You can also experience a pretty radical shift in weight and not have the pants fit much differently anywhere.Good job, man. I know you were following the 200+ dream for a while, but I'll bet you look a lot better at your present weight. We've more or less swapped spots thanks to my training becoming almost...
Nah, aiming for the dark green at this point, mostly because I seem to always veer toward navy shirts and knitwear, which makes for repetitive outfits. The orange one is certainly a standout, but one that wouldn't look good on me with my lighter complexion.
Emailed Nepenthes about the shawl collar knit. No dice on the XL, but I was impressed how quickly they responded to me; probably less than 10 minutes on a Sunday morning. I see Kafka has an XL, but with the shipping, it comes to nearly $600, so I'll probably need to sit this one out.
So if you take an XL in most EG blazers, should you stick TTS with the knit jacket? Anyone have measurements for the full size run?
edit: nm
No, but he used to be.
I guess that's actually the navy. Silly as it sounds, I could better justify to myself getting the jacket if it looked like that and not the dark navy it appears to be in the photo set just posted. Maybe someone can clarify which picture is more accurate, unless I'm a moron and they aren't even the same knit.
Kinda wish there was a grey iteration of the belted shawl knit that wasn't herringbone. Really tempted by the navy one, but I've got so many navy jackets and shirts as it is. It'd be nice to add something like this belted knit in a charcoal.
New Posts  All Forums: