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I actually can't wear pants without a belt anymore and not have it feel weird, but the quality of my lone belt would make Fok want to beat me with it in a fit of rage.
Unworn Wings + Horns dark purple oxford shirt Long-sleeve, heavy oxford cotton Tagged an XL Still with original tags Measurements Chest (across the back): 22" Shoulders: 18.5" Sleeve (shoulder to wrist): 26.5" Length (base of collar to hem): 31"
Pre-owned Our Legacy Ethnic Print long-sleeved shirt Substantial denim shirt with intricate printed pattern F/W 2012 release Shirt features a slightly aged look for that comfortable, "worn-in" look Heavy MOP buttons $60 shipped in the US Measurements Chest (across the back): 23" Shoulders: 19.5" Sleeves: 26" Length (base of collar to hem): 32.5"
This is a point that seems to get overlooked or glossed over when this subject comes up. It takes some effort to get yourself to a point where you can fully appreciate this stuff. And even then, you can't provide much more than admiration from afar if you don't have the capital to support these makers.I can still appreciate these things, along with a lot of the clothing still discussed around these parts, but I've all but moved away from actively purchasing any of it. I...
Wore this a couple of times, but like so many things I have, just haven't utilized it enough to warrant keeping it from someone who'd put it to better use. $275 plus shipping. Retail was twice that. - Burgundy body with navy trim on hem, arm cuffs, and collar - 100% wool body - 100% cotton lining - 100% viscose sleeve lining - Tagged size UK 46 - Would work for a men's Large or slim XL (Fit is trimmer than measurements suggest) Measurements: Pit-to-pit (measured...
One last price drop. Keeping this up through Friday and then it's game over.
Ha, you and many others it seems.I'm probably going to pull the listing if it doesn't sell this week. I'd rather keep it than continually drop the price.
Lot of room between dog-shit form and perfect form. People hurting themselves are a lot closer to the former than the latter.Ultimately, I think it boils down to why your'e in the gym. If you're just looking to move around, get the blood moving, etc., then yeah, the big lifts aren't all that necessary.Others genuinely enjoy the process necessary to become proficient with the big lifts. Like, I can't really relate to the guys who wanna spend their Saturday afternoon working...
Also, with regards to selling stuff, I suspect the financial situation of the average SW&D-leaning person isn't anywhere close to that of the CM side. If I remember correctly, Fok has stated that the CM side of the B&S forum does quite well, which makes sense, since there are fewer Ballin' on a Budget dudes trying to assemble a high-end wardrobe for a grand total of $28.
Deadlifts are a stupid exercise only because so many people have dog-shit form.I used to have lower back issues that would occasionally get triggered by deads. But it was really a combination of bad form and tight hips (from sitting too much Styleforuming). I've worked a lot on improving hip mobility and cleaning up DL form, and am subsequently moving more weight than I have in years with no back issues.
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