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I don't know if it's people picking on Benes so much as it is the chosen combination of clothes that sparks the critiques.
1970s wash "joke" is worse than any moo "joke" or meme.
Motion to have my user title changed to "sexless, shapeless mess."
God damn it, guys.
Drew visits Distorbiant in his hospital room, hands him the box, which a frail Distorbiant struggles to not drop, AND THEN...
This was not at all passive aggressive, and I commend you for that, sir.
you're adorable
I'm facing the same trouble and I'm not even messing with sites with stuff priced like that. I've never had really nice stuff, aside from a pretty cool mod dresser set I picked up at an estate sale years back. But I've moved a few times in the last five years, each time opting to leave behind or toss a lot of stuff. When I moved in with my then-girlfriend a couple years ago, I pretty much tossed the remainder of my furniture aside from a couch I had bought a few months...
I sure did!
The post count issue is just a red herring. The reason this whole thing blew is up is the same reason why it's blown up dozens of times before: Guy new to what we accept as SW&D comes in, sees what we've already been conditioned to or embrace, and is scared senseless by none of these looks adhering to the GQ-prescribed Way a Gentleman Should Dress. One of two things then happens: Guy has an open mind about exploring these completely foreign looks or he reacts to this...
New Posts  All Forums: