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Looking for a pair of shorts with a relatively shorter inseam that doesn't hug my junk like I'm James Worthy circa 1984.
I came very close to buying it just to troll you!
Skimming this page, I misread things and thought distorb was asking if lamb will get him laid by a goat.
skeen seems to have a long-running issue with Charly, so I don't know if it's so much about ToJ as it is ToJ being low-hanging fruit to go in on Charly.
Shoulders a bit too slim for my liking, so I'm letting this sucker go. New with tags. I don't recall how much I paid for it, but I'm definitely pricing it to move. Size 5, which I think is supposed to equate to a 50-52-ish. Fit is a bit trimmer than the measurements indicate. For sake of reference, I have a 41-inch chest and found the chest comfortable, but not tremendously roomy as you might think based on measurements. Sleeves are a bit slim as you've come to expect...
If only we knew of a place online where we could purchase these wares.
evergreen response to pretty much every OJ post.
I bought the black Tatras bomber the summer it came out, even though I was much too big for it at the time. I've lost considerable weight since then, but it's still a bit trim in the shoulders and upper sleeves for me, so I'm going to bite the bullet and part with it. Any interest in it? It's a Size 5, which I guess equates to a 50/52. Still has tags. Not trying to spam, but figured since this is a relatively rare piece, it might be of interest to someone.
Well that's not true. Didn't someone buy something online from them and attach a request for the shop to include a drawing of a dragon with their order and the shop COMPLIED?edit: nope, dinosaur
Someone's salty their fit got no love.
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