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Not on this side of the board. I feel like every time anyone here mentions air travel, there's also mention of some sort of Robert Geller lounge pant.
I could see myself living in this all F/W. Any stockists in the States carrying it in the above color/fabric?
YMMV. I've had a few people come at me over the years with supposed unauthorized credit card claims. I can't recall losing any of those. The most recent one was back in January on an item that had been sold and delivered some months prior. I called up PayPal, provided the tracking number, which showed the goods as being delivered to the address provided. The rep immediately took off the hold on the funds, and I, had I wished to, could have messaged the buyer and told them,...
It used to be kind of a fun thread, but it's turned into pretty much a "Dear Diary" spot for someone. I've never seen someone quote themselves or give so many unsolicited updates on a forum before.
I just went into the Show Us Your Closet thread for the first time in months.
I dunno; the patch is really cool, but unless there's something I'm missing by not handling the garment, it seems like a really over-hyped piece. The Tatras bomber, however, was one of those things I was surprised went to such deep discount. Just a bold, in-your-face print that still somehow avoids being tacky. Maybe it is and my tastes just aren't all that great.
Depends entirely on body composition.For whatever it's worth, the one white tee + jeans look on here I thought was really excellent came from the erstwhile braidkid many years ago.
Stalking = reading two-hour-old posts in one of the most visited threads in the SW&D forum.
I guess I'm curious who you were talking about then, since I'll admit I also originally thought you were talking about shah based on the way you phrased the original post. ("a certain member here" almost implies we are all familiar with the person).Who inspired the purchase?
We went to a party yesterday hosted by vegetarians, which is like a nightmare on a holiday such as the 4th. It was OK, though, because some dude with Andre The Giant hands showed up with 17 pounds of pulled pork that had been slow cooking in his oven all night. Those 17 pounds were GONE before even the smallest of side dish dip, pasta salad, not fucking meat dish. Win.
New Posts  All Forums: