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Probably going to be parting with pretty much any SF-approved thing I have in my closet, including some of those good ol' baller knits, some jackets, and a ridiculous pair of burgundy Ann D boots I never put against the pavement. I eagerly await months of private messages that never move past the low-ball offer or "claim then ghost" phase of selling clothes on here.
This is disheartening.I made the switch to the tencel ones last summer and had been waiting for them to reappear on the site so I could pull a Costanza and load up on enough pairs to make underwear laundry nearly irrelevant.I hesitated on trying to Airsm because I'd heard others had found them to be lacking compared to the tencel.Me Undies are intriguing, though I read a few people elsewhere saying that they started to pill pretty quickly, which seems lame for underwear...
Bottom half is OK, but the cut/material of the shirt is really unflattering. I know you're a pretty fit guy, so the shirt's not doing any favors, as it gives you a bosomy look.
Yeah, I'm not as carb-phobic as I used to be, but I can pretty easily eat a field of potatoes and feel OK, but it can be a struggle to put down 12 or more ounces of chicken in one sitting.
accordian, your diet sounds miserable and unsustainable. You almost certainly can't keep eating just those foods and at that caloric deficit. At the very least, get some seasonings to make this stuff palatable. I felt like a sucker for instagram hype when I picked up some Flavor God seasonings last fall, but now I can't imagine not having them. They blow the usual suspects out of the water.
Don't need to tell me that. I was just referencing the foods you typically hear people mention when they are talking about miserably dieting down on "clean" foods.
Posts like that make me more glad that I've been following more of a IIFYM style of eating for the last five weeks and seeing better results in that time than the previous two months of trying to "eat clean" almost all of the time and subsequently failing to hit that goal a decent amount of the time. Still eating stuff like chicken, lean cuts of beef, fruits, vegetables, and the like, but it's a lot easier to do when fitting something like a serving of Sour Patch Kids or...
I had my eye on the blue pair recently but am still mentally conditioning myself to dropping anywhere near 100 bucks on sweatpants.What's sizing like?
Jericho is, by many accounts, basically an alcoholic, so it's not surprising that he's put on fat as he's gotten older. He's got that weird body type where he doesn't really get a gut; just gets wider. He's also void of any pecs now, so it's just a strange, unaesthetic visual.Cena has the build an recuperative powers of a god, so no way he's not using something. His physique is one thing, but the guy recovers from major injuries in record time.
Also, it's tough to watch a video of your squats from a side view when you've got a large ass, barrel chest, and you've got that belly full of air.
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