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Do moo and sinnedk sit next to each other while browsing SF? "OK, I just posted. Now you post!"
I'm very glad Beneseyed reignited this conversation.
One popped back up on Dana Lee's site. Thanks to @NotCrispy for the heads up. The DL pencils and hand-written Thank You note were nice touches. I got this in a Large originally, but it was a touch slim across the back. The XL is perfect; relaxed, but not sloppy. I'm already wearing it a ton, and see getting a lot of mileage out of it, thanks to its versatile nature. Instead Contentedness Thread candidate.
Probably from S/S '12. Suspension Point had them:
Given the last few days, you should have your daughter taken away from you for exposing her to Styleforum.
IIRC, superego has a pretty massive frame, so I'd suspect that's the biggest cause of his stagnation. I'm in a similar position where a lot of aesthetics appeal to me, but I often have to remain a sideline viewer because some of the stuff isn't flattering on me or plain ol' doesn't fit. Like, I can really appreciate what a label such as Schneider does, but I can't do so with my dollars, because the shirting and trousers are generally too trim. And it's not a relatively...
That stuff is nothing to be taken lightly. I knew someone who got diagnosed as bipolar a couple of years ago, after years of on and off depression and being a fuckup in general. He was on meds, but made the mistake of trying to ween himself off of them. His life was pretty much shit, due mostly to his poor choices, but his psychological issues certainly didn't help the matter. He blew his head off with a shotgun last summer, leaving behind two young children, one of whom...
I tried on some wool trousers at Banana Republic today and had pairs with my desired inseam been in stock, I would've picked up a few pairs with no second thought. Some surprisingly nice fabrics and textures and comfy, but not sloppy fit. The desire to pick up some more such trousers has intensified and the move away from denim continues.
Now it just looks like they're bored and patiently for all of the football talk to cease.
Look at that; reedo calling us his "girlfriends" now!
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