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I mean, I get that fashion labels are generally intended to be an alternative to clothing that's cut to fit the unwashed masses and found at the same place you buy some turkey and bread, but after finances, I blame the crazy sizing on my diminished interest in a lot of clothing. It's interesting to look at and, I don't know, pine for, but at some point, you'd like to be able to wear some of the stuff. And aside from outerwear and knits, that's just not feasible with a fair...
I can't believe who is now yoked enough for that to not be swimming on him.
Distorbiant's lone function on Styleforum now is to visit this thread daily and make sure none of the villagers are simmering down.
I dunno, guys, I've been pretty close to buying at least one pair of BR pants a few times this year. Their wool fabrics are interesting and in line with the aesthetic of where SW&D seems to be at these days.
@Portland Dry Goods Are you carrying XL in the shawl knit and homespun Bedford?
He was originally going for a Juris Doctor degree, but Styleforum convinced him that a Doctor of Juridical Science degree was way more baller and would nicely complement the Persian rug SF convinced him he needed, and now he's cracking under the pressure of the advanced workload.
I was just thinking this thread needed more snoopy and grizzlybear posts! We wouldn't want to let that stupid argument die a peaceful death or anything.
@conceptual 4est When do you guys expect to get the Geller stuff in, and what's the ballpark price on the robe?
Fuji has broad shoulders and pretty big traps. Those traits are going to come across in even more relaxed shirts, making the painted on ones unnecessary.
fuji's face there looks like he's in his late 30s. Had a dream that my back molar was suddenly loose and then just fell out as if I was a meth addict. Premonition or am I just stressed?!
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