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Wait, what is toasty congratulating brad for? Living with cats?
You can't. As Fok said, they're competing for the buyers, not the sellers. It's the same reason eBay has rolled out similar policies. Starting Nov. 1, eBay is requiring its sellers to accept returns up to 90 days after the sale if the seller wants to maintain their Top Rated Seller status. That's no big deal for occasional sellers, but for the ones who enjoy the 20 percent off discount to their monthly eBay invoice with that status, it's huge. As I said, it's going to...
It just seems like a really desperate reach on PayPal's part that will have some serious consequences on certain categories (electronics, anyone?), none of which I really dabble in, thankfully. eBay and PayPal have become absurdly buyer-friendly in recent years, but we're hitting comedic levels now with buyers getting half a YEAR to go, "Hey, you know, I don't want this thing after all."
I'm so glad I don't really sell many clothes online. PayPal is extending the time to open a dispute to 180 days from 45 days. So, you know, if you were a dick, you could buy a coat from someone on here to wear through the winter and then SIX MONTHS later, you can open a case stating that the item was not as described, and return it, hassle-free.
Speaking of the Richard! I'm sending back my navy/purple in 52 to NMWA Saturday morning, in case someone wanted to intercept it.
I would do a 52. The arms were only slightly long on me and I have a notoriously bad time finding sweaters and outerwear with arms that aren't too long.
Based on what you've posted about yourself, it probably wouldn't be loose on you. My arms aren't that big these days and the sleeves on a 52 were still about as trim as I'd want them to be. The fabric is forgiving, but it's sturdier than most cardigans. You can flip the collar and it stands easily, for instance.It's unlined, which helps give it that relaxed vibe, but the fabric wouldn't seem out of place used for other casual blazers.
Got the Richard jacket in the deep purple (sz. 52) from NMWA, but apparently my skin is too delicate, as I'm finding the fabric a little too rough for me. Really nice cut and the color is a nice break from the standard navy, grey, etc. you find a lot of jackets in. Gonna return it, but thought I'd give you guys a heads up before I do so in case anyone wanted to just buy it for what I paid ($410 plus PayPal fees). FWIW, my girlfriend didn't find it that itchy, so again,...
We dropped off a buddy who was going to the game today. I felt so... old being around all of that youthful partying and unbridled enthusiasm. Also, my god, the blue and yellow yoga pants.
When will measurements for the OS stuff be up? Specifically, the boiled wool jacket.
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