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A lot of people swear by Monistat for speeding up hair growth. (0)
If you own this, atone for your foolish retail mistake and pass it along to me. I will most likely pay more than $1.
Also, the lamb was thin, but really veiny in some spots, while the calf was like armor.
I, too, own several bathrobes that end at my waist. I used to wear them to get the mail, but got tired of all the catcalls.
Yeah, it looks like if he exhales, the button is gonna go shooting across the room while making one of those sounds like a gun going off in an old Western movie.
He isn't. The North Koreans shut down his movie and... oh wait.
That does not at all narrow it down.
WalMart made the stupid decision to price match Amazon listings effective this last weekend, and there's already people embarking on gaming the system that was inevitable with this announcement: "This new Wal-Mart policy sure bit them hard yesterday. A third party seller listed tons of XBox Ones for under a hundred dollars. People were flocking to Walmart for the price matches. A friend told me his cousin was there getting one, I said no way was Wal-mart going to price...
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