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I never joke. I loathe humor. G'day to you, sir.
PS I totally get the irony of me speaking on behalf of the mistreated workers just days after posting in this thread about how I basically am content to buy mall-level stuff that can only be priced as it is because people on the bottom of the chain of command are being mistreated even worse than the Amazon warehouse folks.
This is the sort of stuff I was talking about. I know some will discount it based on the site alone, but Gawker (RIP) was running an on-going series featuring accounts of people who worked at Amazon in various positions (mostly fulfillment center level jobs). The environment goes well beyond the usual complaints that come with your standard retail or service industry job. The quotas and iron-fisted time management on the employees makes the warehouse sound like a scene out...
It has nothing to do with Amazon not being a "fun" place to work. I agree it's an impressive company, but it seems odd to champion automated cars in the name of "overworked" drivers and then praising a company that is largely successful because it grinds every last ounce of use from its lower-level employees.
As a consumer, it's wonderful, assuming you don't think about how Amazon is facilitating this lightning-fast service. I've read many accounts over the years from people who worked at various positions within the company, and it sounds like an absolutely miserable place to earn a paycheck. It's also interesting to watch some companies essentially smothering their own vendors by doing Fulfillment by Amazon. I know a few wholesalers who get a nice price break from the...
I'm addicted to Prime, but Amazon is going to be the downfall of us all. They make Walmart's tactics look like child's play.
omg I almost wanna talk about belts.
I actually can't wear pants without a belt anymore and not have it feel weird, but the quality of my lone belt would make Fok want to beat me with it in a fit of rage.
Unworn Wings + Horns dark purple oxford shirt Long-sleeve, heavy oxford cotton Tagged an XL Still with original tags Measurements Chest (across the back): 22" Shoulders: 18.5" Sleeve (shoulder to wrist): 26.5" Length (base of collar to hem): 31"
New Posts  All Forums: