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I've basically unintentionally converted most of my day-to-day wardrobe to Old Navy stuff. I was too fat all of last year and earlier this year to wear much comfortably other than the f'n XXL tees from there. But even now that I've dropped considerable weight and fat, I still find the XL tees a good fit, not snug, but not extremely loose. I usually cut the seam on the sleeves because I dig the look of rolled hems and sleeves and it helps make the shirt look a bit more...
I did a low-paying internship years ago where I basically had a similar workload as full-time people. I don't remember why, but one day, one of my bosses wanted to confirm how much I made an hour. Instead of asking the amount, he wrote it down on a piece of paper and slid it across my desk a la negotiations in the movies. It's as if even he was too shamed to verbalize the paltry sum I was making.
That blue leather Razele is selling looks delicious. A size too small for me, however, as most of his amazing offerings usually are.
What's the table top made of? I bought a table that looks nearly identical to that.
I don't know if there's ever been an indoor house scene in an American situation comedy where someone wasn't wearing their shoes.
I'm not exaggerating when I say that I've let out an audible groan more than once when I get down to the feet of a Benes fit and see those god damn shoes.
Meh. I'm not really using junk food to get these calories/carbs in, so I don't mind trying it for a few weeks. My coach just wanted to see how I'd respond to it. Charly works with him, so he can probably back up that the guy knows a thing or two about a thing or two regarding lifting and diet.
Diddy arrested for assaulting a football coach with a kettlebell, so even he's been swept up in the CrossFit craze. Started a timed carb diet today. Felt weird consuming so many simple carbs around lifting. Probably not unrelated, but I crashed out on my bed a few hours after.
I'm really boring, because that's actually one of my favorite melondejello fits.
Right on. I had that realization a couple years ago. Said relationship did eventually end, though not until a few months ago and not before some really awful things happened. The relationship itself, despite lasting so long, mostly sucked. But the bond I formed with the kids changed a huge part of my life and it's easily been the most difficult part to process and accept since I left. If and when the time comes to have kids of my own, I know I'll be ready and I'll consider...
New Posts  All Forums: