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Echoing everyone above, jet. I know there's a legit dude under that ePersona you've got here. Coincidentally, today marks 14 years since I lost my dad, and while we were not all that close, it's still one of the most trying experiences someone can endure. Keep your head up, man.
Tatras bomber is way better priced than I expected, and of course, it's already sold out in my assumed size.
I seem to sweat a LOT more under my right arm compared to my left. Factors such as heat or activity don't seem to matter. In a lot of cases, I could lift up my arms and the pits look like they belong to two different people. The left is bone dry and the right looks like I just climbed a mountain and then did jumping jacks once I reached the summit. Am I dying?
This morning, I was stuck behind a Buick with a license plate that said "HIRSH," but I didn't see an iPad anywhere, so false alarm.
Unless it's different for newer members, the GSP is something you have to opt into. It's a fine program if you sell heavier items or want full protection if a package disappears. I sell lighter items, so it doesn't really make sense for me, but I know a lot of full-time eBay sellers who love the program since eBay foots the bill in the event that the package doesn't arrive at its intended destination.
508's have a nice taper, somewhat roomy thighs, and most importantly, elastine, which means you can still wear denim while indulging in deep-fried turkey legs with a side of birthday cake. Also, stiches, if that SS is a 7, sell it to me and help fund your purchase of those pricey Levi's.
Synth's photo made me realize we've only seen these babies on the smaller end of the sizing scale. They're looking a bit more Yohji-esque in a 52; hem looks kind of tiny, but maybe the voluminous thighs are playing a role in that.
The floor.
From Razele, by way of copping machine, el bert. Thing is warmer than the barely a coat coat I've been suffering in all winter long. Tipping the scales at three pounds, it's substantial while being one of the softest, coziest knits I've ever tried on. Some things you try on and they instantly just feel right. There's no period of adjustment or "breaking in." It's just as if it's an old favorite that you've been toting around with you for years.
oh good, this...
New Posts  All Forums: