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I'll assume, then, that many of the more frequent contributors to the Trump thread weren't posting as much back then.
Fok, I know the CE discussion is OT, but I appreciate you letting it play out a bit here. The sort of discussion that's happened over the last few pages here generally isn't possible over in the proper forum for reasons that become obvious to anyone who spends more than 10 minutes reading those threads.
It's fascinating to me how repulsive other areas of this forum is. SW&D is like the cozy, long-time friend, CM is the dorky buddy you can give shit to, and other parts are, uh, like the wealthy, racist uncle.
I'm about seven weeks into growing my sides out for the first time in six or seven years and am firmly in that awkward stage where the sides are not long enough to do anything with, but not short enough to not have them look like George Jefferson's.
I know a lot of fashion trends end up reappearing many years down the line, but it's still taking me a minute to get used to seeing new clothes that look like they're right out of 1997 popping up on some web shops.
Tfw when you think someone is finally interested in one of your classifieds but it's just some religious scammer.
Interested in this as well. About done with low ballers and flakers.
Most people are simply woefully uneducated about personal finance. On a basic level, I think most people are at least aware that credit cards can lead to some bad things. It's just the path from getting approved for a card to being possibly tens of thousands in debt that people are less clear on. A couple of bad moves compounded with a bad break or two, and things can get out of hand quickly. Only recently did I discover someone pretty close to me in swimming in consumer...
And always anticipate the worst.I didn't do this, and when shit hit the fan, was woefully unprepared to brace the impact.Then again, I'm far from the only one.
Credit cards are just an astonishingly awful thing in the hands of most people unless you're immaculate about paying your balance every month. But for a lot of people, it's way too easy and tempting to use cards under the fantasy that you'll somehow be able to cover the expense when the bill comes.If you must use a CC, make sure it's got a relatively sane APR, and you don't let that balance get too far away from something you could conceivably cover.And stay away from the...
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