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timeless classic. Canali pinstriped navy blue 3 button suit in size 38s. shoulder to shoulder is 18.5. sleeve length 24. jacket length from bottom of collar is 29.5. pants are size 32x30. waist can be let out one more inch; please see pix. pleated but not cuffed. I am 5'7" and about 160 lbs for reference. getting listed on ebay if no interest.
I think the shoulders are too wide. You can see the left shoulder actually droop, a sure sign that it is too big. If I were you, I would definitely try a 38. There should only be a .5inch length difference in shoulder to shoulder measurement between a 40 and a 38 anyway. FYI, I have a 38.5 inch chest, and i can wear a size 38, but look better in a 36. However, I choose to go with the shoulder to shoulder measurement for that perfect shoulder fit. 18 inches across gives...
did you forget to attach the pictures?
More HF pix added per request.
prices dropped by $10 across the board.
Quote: Originally Posted by penguin vic What colour is the HF sportscoat? Dark brown herringbone? this has the best colour representation
I have three jackets FS. 1. Jos A. Banks Navy Blazer (Classic) Worn about 10 times. Marked as a 38S but it fits more like a 40S Shoulders -19 armpits-21 waist-19 sleeves-23 length (from bottom of collar)-29.25 Single vented. 2 buttons $40 shipped Next is an orphaned Hugo Boss Navy (very dark almost black) pinstripe (white stripe) jacket marked 48EUR (38 US). It's very roomy for a 38. Double-vented, 3 buttons. Pockets still sewn up. excellent condition....
Quote: Originally Posted by Despos When the jacket is unbuttoned do the fronts fall away? The shoulders need to be squared up. The slope of the jacket shoulder is greater than your shoulder. That jacket has fusing out the wazoo. No shaping in the chest to contour with your body as well. You want to check the button position. It may need moving for a quick fix. Yes, when the jacket is unbottoned everything looks fine, if that is what...
Hello guys, I just bought a peak lapel suit (my first) online based on correct measurements, but I have this one issue that needs to be addressed. My right lapel does not lay flat against the body. It bows out when I button the top button, as seen in the pictures. It lays flat when the button is undone. i really like the suit and am hoping that this can be fixed without resorting to returning the suit. Does this mean that the jacket is too tight around the chest?...
I have the same problem. How did you fix it? So i need to let the sides out a bit? I need to suppress the waist a bit as well. Kinda weird.
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