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*yoink!*Thank you.
You have PM.
Quote: Originally Posted by Geoffrey Firmin And can any body recommend a decent coffee shop in Melbourne, Pellegrini's used to be a haunt many years ago, I am staying at the Spencer St end of Burke St. There's Dancing Goat on Little Lonsdale just off King Street (bit of a walk, I know, but worth it), Federal Coffee Reserve at the GPO does a good cup, and the aformentioned Brother Bada Budan on Little Bourke.
Fist bumps for edmorel, intent, and mrbig, for their outstanding products and equally classy communication.
I'd like to give a big thumbs-up for repeat purchasing from Mr. Moo and whusurdadi
You have PM on the Borrelli.
My sartorial collection used to be dull and lifeless. But thanks to jmix1 and his wonderful RLPL sportscoat, my wardrobe has taken a level in badass. Thanks jmix1!
Big thumbs-up to Master-Classter and Mr. Moo for their excellent deals and their speedy dispatch of goods. Would highly recommend.
PM on 34's.
Quote: Originally Posted by Journeyman How do chains like CEO, Marcs, Morrissey et al, which sell overpriced, poorly-designed, poorly-made rubbish survive, whilst Herringbone is suffering from financial problems and may fold? With attitudes like this, it's hardly surprising: Quote: Originally Posted by The Australian, 10th Dec 2008 IT started with bad mortgage lending to the American underclass. But it has become an...
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