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H&M suit sold, and final price drops on the jeans and jacket. Accepting offers
Co-Respondants sold, and final price drop on the Sanders pair
The watch is chrome finish. I measured the case to be 38mm, strap to be 16mm and the space between the lugs is 18mm
Now 40 bones!
More price drops.
Hi, I have a Timex watch, that I put a nylon, light blue rep stripe Brooks Brothers strap. I also have the original leather watch strap that came with the watch. Watch was worn a handful of times, but it looks and shines like new. No scuffs, scratches or anything. I don't have the original Timex case anymore, but it was a piece of crap anyway. Here are some pictures of my watch, This is a link to the watch...
Annnnd $10 off each pair
The suit is 65% polyester and 35% rayon. I've seen the real leather ones in the exact style as well, I think Dsquared made similar versions of a few jackets in both leather and polyurethane a few seasons ago. The herringbone blazer is sold, and price drops on the rest
Sorry, I should have taken one earlier.
Yes, both blazers are fully lined.
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